Cant open [Spoils of Victory - 10th Anniversary]?

today three time finished raid finder and cant open [Spoils of Victory - 10th Anniversary]??

They have changed how we get the conquerors gift buff. It comes when we complete one daily challenge. They added completing one raid finder as a daily challenge in the “Complete one minigame or one raid finder” category.
So raid finder will only let you open one box a day …presuming you have the box when you do RF for the first time after the dailies reset, but there are five daily categories you can complete per day …three of the daily challenges are very quick to complete (20 kills, 5 fatalities, 3 quest hand ins)

As you didn’t realise this, it is quite probable that you did completed both the 20 kill daily and 5 fatality daily and didn’t realise you had the gift buff on you as you were not looking for it.

The buffs do not stack …so you do need to open a box after you complete one daily to use it and clear it …before you complete a second daily etc.

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