Raid finder not giving the conquerors buff

So I hear this in global, from guildies…and I just did one and did not get the buff

I got the buff by killing mobs in gateway

So its broken?

This change was announced in the most recent update notes. Sorry for the confusion!

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so are you saying that you do NOT get the buff from RF anymore?

or that you only get it the first run through?

thank you

As of this update, completing any daily challenge will award the Conqueror’s Gift buff, instead of completing Raid Finder directly.

If you haven’t yet completed the daily challenge “1 Raid Finder or Minigame Competion,” you can absolutely receive the Conqueror’s Gift buff by completing Raid Finder (since this completes the challenge).

I hope that clarifies things!

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completed 2 times RF and daily quests-buff there is no…It’s not working…

It is working, I have recieved those buffs several times since the update.

The problem is, when you complete more then 1 challenge in short time you will still have only 1 buff. So it would be nice to have this buff stacking and opening the boxes will consume only 1 stack instead of the whole buff :sunglasses:

Before this update you could have this buff every time after killing the last boss in RF (not low-level friendly).
Now you get it only once per challenge completed (low-level friendly).

I haven’t gotten a single buff since I entered the game today. The chest is given once a day and I only need one buff…but he wasn’t here today…

Check your Daily Challenges window, for each completed (3 quests, 1 unchained, 1 RF/PvP…etc) you should get 10m yellow icon buff.

There was some strange stuff going on yesterday with the buff’s. One of my lower characters got it for killing 20, but the buff didn’t show up when I got my 5th fatality. On another I did get buff’s for both 20 kills & the 5 fatalities and on a 3rd I finally got all 3 buff’s (kills, fatal, quests).

So it’s working, just some bugs to work out I guess.

I’m just happy we’re getting them.

you may have killed the 20th enemy with 5th fatality and got only 1 buff for 2 challenges ?

I got the buff when leviathus was at 30% hp left, if i wait the killing the buff disappear, lol it’s unpredictable

That one I’d understand, but no. The 20th was well before. Now I did get the 5th fatality at the same time I got one of those ‘100 Vanir Killed’ announcements which is what I think might have glitched the system. Not like I lost anything yesterday so …

It always amazes me the little things that came change out comes. Today it’s worked the correct way (3 boxes opened) on 2 characters.

do not forget that the daily rewards come with cooldown!

so if u completed a RF yesterday evening and got the reward for it, this RF reward will not be granted for an early RF today!

  • for this you need to wait until the Contender Challenge has reset, or just complete any of the other challenges

Discovered this just today. The mouseover was saying you needed to complete a Raid Finder last week so I didn’t know until I completed an RF and got no Conqueror’s Buff. I know this because I created a new character last week and the mouseover for it said complete any Challenge and then I checked one of my level 80’s and it said complete Raid Finder quest… so I hope the anniversary chests don’t disappear on June 6th because I will still have 6 or so in my backpack even if I do all the challenges everyday.

When they first started it you HAD to do a RF to open the boxes, only way to get the buff.

Now you get the Conq Buff for each daily challenge you do. Meaning you can open min of 4 boxes a day by killing 20, getting 5 fatalities, completing 3 quests and doing a RF.

The buff’s don’t stack so make use of them as you complete each challenge (buff’s last for 10min before they go away).

yep, found out yesterday when I didn’t get a buff from completing an RF. A message at game launch somewhere would be a good idea for important changes like this. I have been doing RFs everyday I had the time.

Actually, it happened to me too twice this week: Logged in, claimed the daily reward, joined raidfinder, and at the end I got the daily challenge marked as done, but no buff.
To open the box I had to do other dailies. Not such a big deal, but still a bug.