Conqueror’s Gift won't open

I’ve collected box after box on my tunes, yet everytime I click on the box, it won’t open or do anything. It says I have to complete daily challenges, which I’ve done, yet it still won’t open. What do I need to do to get this to work?

You need to do a daily challenge AFTER you get the box as then you will recieve a 10 minute buff that will let you open it.

As Amelia’s typed … you are looking for the 10 minute buff which appears when you complete any daily challenge. It’s a yellow icon amongst the ones at the top of your screen.
The buffs do not stack …Eg if you have the buff active on your character and complete another daily challenge you will NOT get a second conquer’s buff.
You can open one box per buff … opening a box makes the buff go away.


Will this be a continuing thing or is it just temporary?

Last time the daily rewards required the buff to open them, they kept this buff for some time, after the event was over. Not sure if they’ll do the same, but I guess they will.

It is temporary, so focus on achieving one daily challenge at a time and open a box as soon as you see the onscreen message that you have achieved a daily challenge. Every 24 hours you can achieve up to five daily challenges … it is possible to have five conqueror’s buffs every 24 hours. Maybe harder to do if you are pre-level 80 as you can not attend raid finder, mini games below level 80 on Crom do not fill and purity dungeons are rare to run. But even if below level 80 you can get three daily challenges done - kill 20 enemies, 5 fatalities, 3 quests completed … a little annoying if the 20th kill and 5th fatality happen simultaneously as that’s only one conqueror’s buff … but avoidable if it’s important to get them separately (eg white hit kills on a low level weak enemy should prevent unwanted fatalities)

Thanks much guys