Conquors Gift not running on Fury?

I have a few toons on fury with lots of crates from previous events still in their inventory. For some reason on fury the ability to open them is not popping when your do the 20 kills or 3 quests. You get the pop up that you completed the requirement, but the blessing is not showing up in game.

This is working for me on Crom. I tried this on Fury on two different accounts. Nada…

Anyone else experiencing this?

It was working earlier this week on fury.

It didn’t work on crom when I tried it on Thursday

AndyB - Community Manager posted this on the thread below yours. The full post is in the Announcements - Midwinter Event: December 16 - January 6

“Well it looks like there was a mixup and the shard bonus isn’t going to be active for this season. We sincerely apologize for that. Quarantine brain’s got us all fogged up. Instead, we’ll be putting some things on sale; namely, all consumables are 30% off (PvP Insurance is 50% off) and we’re putting all the Hoards back up for the rest of the event, plus a 10% discount on top of that. The Hoards sale will be active as of approximately 9:00 AM EST tomorrow, December 17. Thanks everyone. Happy holidays”.

I took it to mean that since there are no new boxes to open, the buff isn’t turned on either.

I don’t know why, but I noticed in the last few days that sometimes when you complete a daily reward, the buff appears, but not always. I remember for sure that it appeared when I completed 3 quests, while kills doesn’t seem to trigger it, but I don’t know if it’s just coincidence.

it works now

Just completed 3 challenges on a character with a box and no buff.

well it worked for me, and a few of the people i was playing with yesterday remarked about it being on their screens, so guess you’re bugged idk

I am not receiving any additional box from daily rewards, nor I am getting the conquerors buff at all. And I have done all challenges.

Ok, it just worked on my ranger on fury. Was able to get the 20 kills, 5 fatalities, 3 quests buffs and opened 3 crates…

And now its not working on a different toon in a completely different account of crom… Methinks its correct to say its bugged…