Can't place chests on nordheimer top shelves

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Finally crafted some nordheimer shelves and I can only place chests on the bottom shelve. The top shelve is unusable. It’s more practical to place chests on the floor at this point. The wall shelves (the small ones you latch on walls) seem to be doing a better job right now.

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  1. Craft a nordheimer shelve
  2. Try to place a metalic chest on top shelve

Can you see the flat top area of the top shelf? If not, it is always hard to place something onto it.

Have you tried to climb onto something to be higher than the shelf you want to put the chest on?
One of the dancers in my throne room has a table in her inventory, just for me to place it somewhere to climb onto it to place things from high above :wink:

I’m not playing Conan Exiles since yesterday. :roll_eyes:
You should try it yourself. If you manage to place something on top shelve, let me know.

Sorry, I am away from my CE-PC on Easter-holiday, so I cannot try myself. I was just trying to give advice from my experience with other high furniture…

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