Placing wooden chests

So the very first wooden chests you are able to make…I tried to place them on top of my cupboard (need my freakin spice rack yo) for like…an hour. It just can’t be done. I mean, I can put other things on top of the cupboards. Skulls, jars, dishes, even the metal chests will go on top. And I don’t even try, they all fit perfect. But why can’t I place the wooden chests there?

Now I noticed that I can stack up to three wooden chests on top of one another, but a fourth one will not go on the other three. It seems that after a certain height, the game always registers that there isn’t enough ground contact for wood chests. Even though other objects, and I repeat, metal chests included, don’t have that problem. What are those chests, like are they scared of heights?

Considering that if one chest loses stability, decays or is somehow destroyed, which is not unheard of, you will lose all placed on top, I would say is a damage control feature.

But I can place anything else on top of cupboards, including large metal chests. The wooden ones refuse to be placed.

sigh. put a shelf and place the wooden box on top?

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May I suggest an alternative storage solution…


That’s the very first thing I tried. Also doesn’t work. (haven’t tried the metal chest on a shelf, I figured the shelf was the problem)
Guess I want to RP too much in this game. Sigh.

You are not supposed to stack chests.
You can use ceiling to place one on each floor your wall has, or several side by side.
You can wait to craft the wood and metal chests (forgot their name), or even a large crate if you are level 40ish.
Storing goods on pets like the picture above should work as well and looks pretty cool.

I was able to stack three wooden chests on top of one another. I don’t want to because it’s confusing lol, but I was able to…so is that a glitch?

Since the animation opens the chest from the top, I consider it a glitch.

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