Can't Place Debaucheries Stage Pieces Against a Fence Foundation Wall

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Misc/UX
Server type: PvP
Region: US-EA

It is currently impossible to place any of the stage building pieces from the Debaucheries of Derketo DLC on a foundation next to a wall made of fence foundations. This is weird and unexpected behavior, as many elevated stages or platforms are placed against walls in Real Life and In Fantasy settings. This issue is most prevalent on PvP servers where Fence Foundations are the most viable building piece to use as walls. A minor issue, but a slightly annoying one, given that most walls on PvP servers will not allow stages to be placed against them.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place foundation. Attempt to place stage building piece. Notice that stage building piece can be placed.
  2. Demolish Stage Piece and Place a wall on top of the foundation. Notice that Stage piece can be placed. Intersecting the wall. This is desired behavior.
  3. Demolish Stage Piece and Wall Piece. Place Fence Foundation on face of the foundation. Stack another fence foundation on top of this foundation.
  4. Observe that stage piece can not be placed on any foundation that has a fence foundation surrounding it. Because fence foundation walls are the most viable wall material in PvP, Debaucheries Stages cannot be placed against most walls on PvP servers.

For context I’d like to place a stage in my throne room, but can’t without gimping my wall strength in PvP.


Hey @The7thCrest

Thank you for the detailed report, we’ve sent it to our team. We’ll look into this and try to determine what’s causing this behavior.


Same in front of windows (the stormglass one).
And some fences like the stable one and some others.

I think these things should be way more flexible in placing


I also observed this behavior when trying to place in front of a stormglass frame (I.E. Wall window)


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