Can't positioning sleeping bag

Hello guys, I just started playing, and created my first sleeping bag. But I can’t positioning it. The game always says that there’s no space, that it is overriding something, etc.

How to manage that, please? :slight_smile:

The sleepbag/beds have a hidden spot(s), were you spawn after you die. So you’ll need make sure there room around it.

Several items like carpets, chairs, workbench and such will not be place-able and/or will not allow it to be placed to close.

(on ps4 anyway, you can click r3) to toggle flat placement, so it’ll get place at angle with floor below it.

Hope that helps.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

So, there is a button on PC to toggle flat placement, but it seems to not be working. At least here, for me.

So, I can’t place sleepbag on open areas? Is this my error?

U mouse wheel click, often more than once to follow curves etc. Shift mousewheel, and ctrl mousewheel does other stuff.

Also useful for getting benches, etc lower into the ground or foundations.


I am trying mouse wheel clicks, etc, and nothing does nothing. I can’t place the sleeping bag. I don’t know where I am wrong. :frowning:


does your situation look like this:

In my case the bedroll I try to place is overlapping with my character.
If so, can you try to place it a bit farther away from you like this:

Perhaps you’re in an un-buildable area. There’s one in the starting spawn area. It’s impossible to place a bedroll and a firecamp there. But it becomes possible as you get closer to the noob river.
Just move away an retry to place your bedroll until you can.

Yes, I was near the starting area. Now I get to build the bag.

So, guys, do we need to follow all the steps indicated in the “journey”, as displayed in the upper right corner of the screen? Is that mandatory?

Because now it shows that I need to find a shelter, and I can’t find anyone.

You do not “need” to do those steps.

But those steps are sort of a tutorial so you will get to know the game faster.
Also, completing a step gives quite good XP. It is recommended you do those steps so you level faster.

You will notice that at the beginning you will complete several steps that are not even on your “top 3” list by making something the first time (kick, build, upgrade…). Later at higher levels those steps will demand some more energy and focus.

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Great! Thanks for the informations! :slight_smile:

Hey friends, now I got to build sandstone frames. But, when I select them (i have put them in the slot 4), the game builds another one, and does not lets me to place the frame. What am I doing wrong, please?

That would be a building shortcut.

On your example:
You put some frames into your hotbar. You placed them (used all that were in there, regardless of what you have in inventory).

After that that icon gets slightly transparent. That means that when you hit the number of the slot (in your case 4) you will try to make another item, if you have materials in your inventory. If you wish to make more of that item immediately, keep the icon there, if not, simply replace it by dragging another building items or weapon or whatever.

A non transparent icon is an actual item.
A transparent icon in your hotbar is shortcut to recipe. after item is made, that icon would no longer bfe transparent as it is again an actual item to be used.

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Thank you!

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