Cant put a enemy in the weel of pain - Xbox

Game mode: [Online/whatever]
Problem: [Bug | Performance ]
Region: [EU]

I cant knock down a thralls unconscious, it dont work! I have now reach level 60!

use a truncheon, iron or steel would be best, knock them out, use the bindings to capture them and drag them to a wheel of pain. mind the lesser wheel of pain has just one slot for an npc. wait for any existing thralls in it to be completed and then get them to your inventory before placing a new one.

Iv tryed that :wink:, it dont work.

When im in the prosess of knocking them out with that truncheon they never get unconscious, thats the problem !

There should be a blue bar above the enemy health bar that shows the knock out progress. If you’re using a normal truncheon against a t3-t4 enemy it’s going to take a while. Steel ones are pretty good for that and they still can take upwards of 10 or more hits to down a higher tier enemy

using the lower tier truncheons indeed does take a while, use iron or steel.

ps. on console there is a very thin white bar above the healthbar ( press left stick to lock on to view the healthbar) when that thin whire bar is depleted they ll drop down knocked out cold.

what truncheon do you jse and what npc are you trying to knock out.

ps. if you are on xbox i can show you on my server how to knock them out

It has been a few weeks for me, same issue, unable to concuss any thralls at all. There is simply no stamina bar at all, just a health bar…thus I’m unable to fill wheel of pain. Playing the game without the help of thralls is not very good!

I’ve had the prob as well but for me i just restarted the game and it was back to what passes as normal for this game

Sounds too simple to be the same problem… I’ve done all I can including a reinstallation, clearing cache…etc, nothing changes it…

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