Can't put wheel of pain of foundation

I can’t put a wheel of pain on top of triangle foundations. It will let me put it on the uneven ground but not on foundation. Is there a way for me to get this wheel of pain down in the room I want? I’ve turned it, lifted it up and down, I don’t know what else to do. I made this spot just for the wheel of pain and it’s disappointing that’s its not working the way they say it should

Wheels can be tricky sometimes. Sometimes it will only have one snap point, and you have to keep turning it/lowering it up and down to find it. Also, is your ceiling 3 high above it? Maybe try deleting the ceiling and then placing it.

Hello @MusicallyMixed, it can be tricky to place large placeables like the wheels of pain over wedge foundations, but it should be possible if you keep experimenting with different rotation and height values after using the auto-align.

As Arsenalcontrol suggested, if a ceiling is present it might be best to remove it temporarily for the sake of successfully placing the wheel, and the same goes for those pilars placed around the intended wheel area.

That being said, this is an issue that the team is aware of and that is being looked into.

Looks only like normal foundations…

Then the error message would look different… (that something is blocking it).

Fix that finally, as this wheels make no sense how they are behaving.

@MusicallyMixed Try lowering or raising it. How you do that?
Put out the wheel in building mode, then press TRIANGLE to crouch. Now R2 and L2 is not rotating anymore, but changing the vertical position (it will NOT work, if you already crouch and then start to build).

But the wheels have some serious problems with some foundation or with the rotating of foundations… Its a nightmare.
You can place it without problems on NON flat surfaces, but foundations are a problem… :confused:

Another thing to try is to get on a higher elevation foundations or something that helps with placing larger items wheel alters

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Try sinking the wheel into the foundations until it hits the ground. That way you get the best of both worlds: no fiddling around because of stability and alignment bugs, but you get the benefit of decay timer because it’s still in touch with foundations.

Triangle cycles through the “4” options. Default is rotate horizontal (spin), then raise/ lower, the tilt forward/back, then tilt right/left. 4th press of triangle brings it back to rotate. Or to get back to rotate quicker, just un-equip building piece, then re-equip to reset it.

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I will try it, thanks guys

I got it in there but it’s tilted smh

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