Placing Wheel of pain on foundation frustration

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [United states]

[Ok. So Fancom has been great at addressing this so here I go again. This issue i am sure they are aware of. But when trying to place a Wheel of pain inside onto foundations will not place. If anyone has a quick fix for this let me know. But as it is I have tried on all 3 tires of foundation, and it it hit or miss that it places. So I know they will address this at some point, but I need a temp fix now, if anyone knows one, please let me know.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Might be helpful to actually follow through with providing steps. but if this is a hit of miss, than thats just how the game coding recognizes items trying to stack on top of each other when its something like a wheel of pain and or animal pen. They can change how building items lock and connect, but doubt you’ll see a change in how other placeable items place and or interact with building items.

Hello @MediocreFox, thank you for getting in touch!

We’re aware of the issue and it has already been discussed over several different posts, please consider using the search function for further information rather than opening another topic, as it’s not ideal.

Depending on the foundations used, fiddling with its height and position usually allows it to eventually snap, which should be easier to achieve in square blocks with short distances from the ground itself.


When positioning big stuff like wheels or cardrooms always do it from a higher position, maybe build two foundations beside it and go up and try. Then maybe circle them a little. Hope that helps.


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