Wheel of pain on foundations

Game mode: | Online private |
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: [PvP
Region: NA

Cannot place t2 wop on foundation I Get the overlapping with object red X

Not trying to offend. But the wheel isnt too close to you or a thrall/animal/wall etc? Also have you tried sinking it into the foundations a little, using shift+scrollwheel?

Also try and swap to another building block and then back to wheel again. Probably won’t do anything but worth a shot.


Often for the larger items (wheels, map rooms, alters, animal pens) you need to move them around a bit and maybe rotate them on their axis (wheels and map rooms) before you can find a spot on the foundation base that the game will let you put it down on. Moving it up and down as Dakka suggested may also help you to find where it can be placed.

If you can get higher than the foundations so you can see if it’s hanging off an edge or overlapping with another object close it. You might need to build the base larger than the wheel and then remove unneeded foundations after it is placed.

I found it helpful to create a single player game and use Admin powers to spawn in building materials to test out placing large objects and working out building plans before building in a multiplayer server.


I forgot about vanity view. You can use v to place things that are very large a nit easier, as you can zoom out more and rotate the camera angle without tilting the object you want to place. Hard to explain if you haven’t used it b4.

Yep, wheels of pain and map rooms and other similar objects seem to have trouble setting onto foundations nicely. I find I often have to wave the object around and rotate it a little to make it want to set on the spot. Vanity view, as dakka suggests, or high ground like Kwalya suggests, are good ways to get a better view of the structure.

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