Can't remove items from radial menu?

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I can’t “unequip” things once they’re on the radial menu. I can only “swap” new things to the menu to unequip old things. Wanted to cook some meat, couldn’t put it in the fire from my radial menu! Couldn’t return it to my inventory from the radial menu, ended up getting food poisoning trying to figure it out to no avail.

Had nothing else in my inventory to swap out for meat, so had to craft a PICKAXE just to have something to replace the meat with so I could unequip the meat from my radial menu. Not being able to remove items from the radial menu or even manage the radial menu from the player inventory screen is a HUGE quality of life issue for the game right now.

Thanks, the other day I got this to work sometimes but not every time. Also couldn’t replace a broken weapon with a good one.

I to have this issue

Yes also this swapping not removing thing occurs to me too.
Not a big problem but yes, it is part of the big family of the “menu system bugs”.
This game needs a lot of work to be finished… the early access never ended for what I can see.

Same thing’s been happening to me. Doesn’t matter which tab I’m on or if I restart the game, no luck.

The game controls shouldn’t be one of the hardest enemies in the whole game, if you want my opinion.

This worked for me thanks!


… resist they’ll fix it up

Make sure you don’t try to switch items that are equiped “when you hold item in your hands” because equiped items cannot be reordered.

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nice one… i didnt know that. thanks.