Can't Repair Star Metal Pick Axe With Master Weapon Repair Kit

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Conan For People With Jobs
Mods: None

Bug Description:

You can no longer use master repair kits to repair star metal pick axes.

Bug Reproduction:

Craft a star metal pick axe. Craft a master weapon repair kit. Use the pick axe so it has some durability damage. Attempt to apply the master weapon repair kit to the pick axe. You will be told the repair kit is too low level. Using a legendary repair kit to repair a star metal pick axe seems a bit much.


Same here. Used an Adv Upgrd kit. Pickaxe was crafted by Conall.

Legendary kit still works.

happening on all servers im on official have to use bars to repair :frowning:


I thought maybe my game was just being weird at first, but it seems it is bugged if you guys are having the same issue.

same here with an unofficial server.

Is it a bug or an “update” for repair gameplay ?

Pretty sure it’s a bug.

As far as I remember, legendary weapon repair kits have always been needed for star metal tools. If you dont have those, you can always repair them even after they are worn out in your blacksmith bench. No kit needed.

Star metal knife can be repaired with master repair kit. So far, only star metal pickaxe cannot. Used to be able to repair star metal tools with master repair kit before 3.0.


My Starmetal Lemurian axe can also be repaired with a master toolkit.

Ah good to know

master repair kit is too low you need a legendary repair kit

and master repair kits woud even only repair to 50 % so ive the tool is still over 50% it will tell you its to low level to repair because you dont can repair whit it over 50%. Try too get the pickaxe under 50% and try again too use it

Didn’t used to. And why only the star metal pick? Why can it still be used on star metal skinning knives, sickles, hatchets and cleavers?

~75% actually. Advanced is about 50%

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Can’t the tools be repaired with a certain number of times with non-legendary weapon repair kits?

I’ve been playing the game for years and that was never a thing.

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Confirming same thing for me. Can repair any star metal tool or weapon with Master Repair Kits as we always could, EXCEPT Star Metal Pick and Star Metal Pickaxe - both now only repairable with required raw mats or legendary repair kit. Been like this for maybe 1-2 weeks. Issue did not occur in Testlive.


Just another confirmation (as if any were needed). Star Metal weapons and tools are all repairable with a Master kit, except for the pick and pickaxe, which complain it’s “too low level”.


Same issue here. Could we get a response/acknowledgment that this is a bug?

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