Starmetal Pickaxe requiring Legendary Repair Kit

Title says it all. Starmetal pickaxes are requiring legendary repair kits. Blackblood and Elderium tools should, not star metal ones.

Do you have Star Metal Tools knowledge unlocked? You need to know the recipe to repair something without a kit.

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As @Tephra says, you need to learn the star metal tools knowledge.

Eldarium (and as I can see now the star metal tools too) tools are legendaries, but can be repaired with their crafting materials. Crafted gear should not be called legendary in my opinion.

Yes I have it unlocked, its a question of why they now need legendary repair kits, you used to be able to use advanced though I think that was a mistake too as they probably should require master or better.

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Ah, your topic was not clear. I did not know you used to be able to repair them with an Advanced Weapon Repair Kit, but I agree, they should require a Master Weapon Repair Kit.

I am not sure how exactly repair kits are coded, but they don’t seem to be very consistent.

In my opinion, it should be entirely based on the Grade, without exception:

  • Low Grade = basic
  • Mid Grade = Advanced
  • High Grade = Master
  • Legendary = Legendary

Unfortunately, that is not how it currently works.


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