Cant see other players

I cant see other players in game. I cant contact with them and i cant search after any other players
What can i do?

Are you still at the starter beach? If so: This is singleplayer area, you can’t encounter players there.
Are you in Tortage Night Time mode? If so: This is singleplayer content too, it’s the “tutorial” and can be done in a few days as a new player, you can also switch between the daytime (multiplayer) and night time in the tavern when talking to the NPCs.
Are you on the server Fury? If so: This server is pretty much dead, not many players play there, start over on Crom is you best and only option if you want to play with other players.

If none of these above are true, try to give some more details please, can you not see the player models (this might be a graphical issue)? Is your chat gone (might be a bug but you can create new chat tabs when clicking on the * icon)? I don’t know if anything of this is happening to you.

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Chat: Do you have the channels turned on? Click on the tab, select sub’d channels and see what’s checked, those are the one’s you’ll see. If you’re F2p you won’t have Global as an option, but NPH is pretty lively.

Is the Chat channel tab the primary one showing? (vice combat, group etc…)

Contacting others - beside the area where you type in your message is it set to the channel you want? Default is ‘say’ which just gives you a speech bubble.