Wanna play with Friends together. Where I can see and choose the server?

I rad anywhere that I can see my server number under the MAP ingame but found nothing. How can we play together and avoid missing each other?

Thx :slight_smile:

When selecting a free character slot on the right side of the screen there is the server selection. You can chose Crom or Fury.
If both of you chose the same server there can be several instances of the same playfield, making you invisible to each other, to get into the same instance you click on the golden triangle near the mini map, there you can click on select instance (you need to be near a respawn pad for that).

To see which server you selected you can see that in the character selection screen below your character name.

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Thank you very much! Iยดm in Crom, Hope we will see each other.

Have a nice Week End :wink:

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You also need to keep in mind that some parts of Tortage are single player mode, the so called night quests that lead you through the story. Selecting the day mode makes you able to play with others again. After Tortage there is no real single player part anymore aside from a few story quests.