Cant swim with knocked out thralls anymore?

I knocked out a dancer thrall and went to swim back to base and it unequipped the bindings. so now capturing thralls is useless if you have to swim across water.

not a bug. you cant expect to drag an unconscious person through a river without drowning them.
build a bridge.

I had to build a foot bridge to get a captive to my base. (Much to my embarrassment, I found a shallow spot to ford across the river a bit further south).
But, I would like some clarification on dropping a captive when going into swim mode.
This was formerly not a problem.

Another solution is to build a small slaver outpost near the thrall camp so you can drag them only a short distance. Break them on the wheel of pain and carry them home in your pack.

Except that in PvP, you either need to build a small building around the wheel or stand guard so someone does not steal the broken thrall.

Lol so one cán expect a god 100ft tall to crumble your house.
Ok good info.

That is how the mechanic worked through all of the pre-release, and its a pretty big change, before you could build a centrally located base and drag thralls back, now I have to drop wheels all over the map and then teleport back with the thralls by picking them up and pulling off my bracelet. Also, any of the wheels you drop on the map are subject to purge attacks. If this was an intentional change then so be it, but they should at least tell those of us that have been testing for months before they change mechanics.

Best solution in PvP is to stash some building mats in a chest close to the fording site. Preferably the chest would be somewhat hidden. Then when you are dragging your thrall get the building stuff out, build a bridge, drag across. Since this is just a quick build and not permanent you can use t1 construction which takes like 5 min to farm.