[XBOX ONE] Can’t drag thralls across water

Ran into this last night
I knock out a thrall on an island to drag to my wheel of pain and I can’t drag them across water as swimming causes you to drop all items from your hands to swim.

While i get the idea about swimming with items in your hand the rope should at least be an item that can still be tied to your waist or something while swimming :smiley:

I am sure it is just a bug but drive me crazy.

This may be an intentional change. I just found another post where people said to make a bridge because dragging an unconscious person through water they would drown.

While a logical approach to the situation, I think we should still be able to drag someone through water since dragging someone at all over rocks, cliffs and other things is also a bit illogical.

Just saying. But a bridge is certainly an option.

Not only that, but there is a underwatertorch as well, which makes some people think its a bug.
Because when we can hold on to some underwater torch, we can hold to some rope as well…