Can't cross the water with my slaves

Hello everyone I was wondering why every time I try to cross deep water with a slave on a rope the rope lets go of them. Than I rope them again and the same thing over and over. Do I need a better wheel of pain for a better rope? Because I have the first wheel of pain. For some reason my game wont let me cross a river with a slave at all.

Yes, if you have higher tier wheel of pain, you can make higher tier tools as well.

And the best rope you can make is ‘Chain rope’ with 3600 durability and you can get this recipe from t3/t4 taskmaster(one type of slave for using in wheel) on Torturer’s Bench

Make sure checking your rope’s durability whenever you get your slave, cuz it will lose every sec you run with the slave on the rope. And I never tried crossing deep water with slave on a rope yet in current patch. I can’t say if you can cross deep water with slave on a rope.

i think that a bug.
Some ppl say it s occure because when you start to swim, you char need his to hand so he can not hold the rope.

You can avoid it by building a dridge to cross water

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Also what kind of slaves do you have to break to work on your equipment I cant put the ones I’ve broken in the thrall slot?

The thrall slots wont take my LV 1 exiles I’ve captured next to my base.

It’s intentional. You can’t swim while dragging a thrall, just as you can’t climb doing this.

You need to capture specific kind of thrall to be able to put them at the crafting station. Here, take a look at this guide.

You cannot drag a thrall thru water deep enough that you would have to swim. Plan ahead… go a different way… or… build a bridge.

So we can finally run with items in our hands, but somehow lost the ability to swim with them. lol

I have noticed this as well. In the past you could swim and drag a thrall. I’m curious if this is a built-in mechanic. I am using the T1 thralling gear. Will the new, higher-level ropes/chains allow you to drag through water? It will be a little while before I can test this theory.

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Literally build a bridge and get over it.

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