Watercraft for Transportation

So been playing Conan Exiles online for a few weeks now on a few different servers and find there are always endless bridges everywhere across water that people build for the purpose of dragging thralls back to their bases as you can’t drag them whilst swimming.

There is a mod someone has made that lets you drag them whilst swimming but I was thinking for immersive purposes wouldn’t it be awesome to have craft-able rafts or canoes.

Easy to build with a few variations, maybe even crafting a shipwright for the bigger ones, canoes maybe are quicker speed but can only seat one knocked out thrall, where as a bigger sail boat can sit 4. Some operate using your stamina, so your bar goes down as you paddle that way your not jet boating around so easily.

And I guess this could coincide with having horses/camels for a ground mount to do the same thing for land, just a thought. :slight_smile:

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I agree with this but I would go one further.

Mobile wheels of pain, put a task master on the boat and toss the thrall on it as a rower. Why should you row?

Like a wheel of pain you can’t actually use the thrall until they are broken completely but you can park the boat inside a boat house when you log out an it acts like a normal wheel.

I wouldnt mind if they allow us to put a thrall in a boat and tie a thrall in the boat and drag a thrall out of the boat and onto a wheel that would be some next level cool stuff and i do know which camp you are refering to lol.