How are you supposed to move a captured thrall across a body of water?


I captured a thrall on an island in the southern river, but as soon as I go into the water I can no longer stay attached?

It wasn’t this way a while ago…

Is it supposed to be this way now?


you can upgrade to an iron truncheon and rawhide rope, I think the new stronger rope lets you swim and last longer

No rope works because the swim animation messes up the pulling animation.

The only way around it is to build a bridge across the water, given teh current bug t’s barely woirth bothering anyway.

Ok thanks I’ll ignore thralls until the launch then.

I built long bridges


I just don’t bother going for ones on islands, but, if I was to come across a named thrall, I might go as far as either putting a wheel on the same island then carry him off or like others have said, build a bridge.

There is an even higher rope, icon looks like metal chains, can that do it?

Do not think so. It is animation related issue. Same as why you unequip weapons when you start to swim or climb. There is an animation override.

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Chains don’t work I’ve tried

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Build a bridge. Thralls need air. They can’t hold their breath when knocked out. Build a bridge walk them across. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure? I had a hostile Thrall scream at me then flee underwater where I couldn’t club him for the rest of that session I could hear him yelling from underwater because my base was built near him

I wanted Aqua man as a Thrall but club technology doesn’t work underwater