Can't throw orbs , comes up

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Game mode: Online | PlayerHosted
Problem: Bug
Region: [Here]
Tried to throw a gas orb and grease orb for journey step but it wouldnt let me do it. Says something about cannot use broken item . anyone else with the issue? Only been like this since launch.

We have successfully thrown gaseous and grease orbs since launch, but it was in SP - Co/Op.

Thank you for reply. Ill give it another try. there is a bug wich makes me not beeing able to strike with weapons/tools or suddenly not beeing able to equip. have to put all stuff thats on radial menu into a chest and take it out to fix it xD

When that happens to me, I have the character lie down and then use GREET to stand back up to get that issued resolved. Not the real answer, but it gets me through until a real solution is patched.