Gaseous Orbs cannot be thrown!

Gaseous Orbs cannot be thrown! Plain and simple!

You’re out of orbs. It just shows one still in your hand. At least,t hat’s what happens to me. We were not able to throw them for a while and maybe that bug is back for you.

Nope. 8 or more Orbs in stack. They are bugged. More posts thru other places show this too.

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I cant get any orbs to work. I have tried 1 or 2 or 3 in my hot bar and nothing. I have tried all orbs and i cant even get her to hold it in her hand she starts then stops. it is like they are all disabled.

Did you remove your bracelet? Had a similar bug once (wasn’t able to draw weapons or tools) and dying repaired it. All orbs have worked fine for me so far.

yes I remove my bracelet and that seem to fix it thank you .