Cant use sorcery benches

I have sorcery learned and fully lvled. For some reason when i got to any bench dealing with sorcery even tho the materials are there i cant use the bench. I click it but nothing happens. The button is grayed out like the material isnt in the bench.

Here is a example. I noticed yesterday so after the new season started

Another player on my server had a similar issue. I noticed you are overencumbered. He reported that the benches functioned properly after he lightened his load and was below 100% encumbrance.

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Ok so i guess thats something with new path breaking sorcery crafting and not only on pc…

i did report somehow very similar thing and another player sended me image of illusionist bench that cant apply illusions…

someone of devs edited it as ‘‘report-accepted’’ already so i guess soon will be hotfix…

Wasnt a problem before but worth a try

Let us know the outcome, could be a new bug

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This :point_up_2:

I honestly don’t understand this mechanic. Is it because they don’t want people putting down a transportory stone every time they loot a base in PvP. Is this something people were doing for quick getaways?

In pve at start we had open ports to everyone, then joined some level 0-10 griefers, and started to sleep at our homes and prevent us from playing by walling up or spam about situation in world in worse way, we just builded them now in house with doors…

Idea should be like over weighted players should not be able to use teleport (ONLY) like press on stones, from what i understand… And if player has burden perk it should overwrite that check… only now for some reason all magic is broken if u are 100%… and that sure is bug… and they know about it, if reports are accepted, but how it will be fixed… thats another question…

You cannot sacrifice a thrall on the altar if there is previous sacrificial blood on it. Bottle that sacrificial blood first and then you can sacrifice another. This is working as intended.

Looks like he is trying to bottle it but the craft button is grayed out.

Ok then, if that is your own sacrificial stone then that sounds like a bug… Or a disconnect with the server. I was having several random disconnects this morning so maybe the servers are on a fritz.

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