Can't Use the Scroll(Pride of Aesir)

Just obtained the Scroll(Pride of Aesir), but can’t use it to learn its knowledge. Was it because I started with Crom but then learned other religion?

As far as I know there are no requirement other than opening the quest, gathering the requested items, going back to the ghost, getting the scroll, reading the scroll and then going to the Frost Giant Kings to use their smelter to craft the armor.

It’s quite strange that you cannot read it.

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The only reason (I can think of) that you can’t read the scroll, is that you’ve already learned that scroll. Go to your knowledge tab and search for “Aesir.”

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Didn’t know about that. It’s the first time I’ve ever venture that north and was planning to use Pride of Aesir to help me get some black ice in even further north without getting myself freeze to death. But if it can’t be craft right away, then guess I should go stick with the spicy torch plan.

No luck, the recipe didn’t get consumed and couldn’t find its knowledge via research the keyword.

I start to believe that it was the mod I use caused it.

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