Capture slaves from another clan

Can you tame a slave from another clan if you leave him unconscious?

yuppers, and it shows on that clan’s log as “stolen by”


Yes and with blunted fittings on a havoc and malice you too can effortlessly steal enemy thralls by knocking them out


Yes, and after you cooked it in your wheel, you will have his gear too what the thrall was wearing when you captured him.


Is that on test live or pc … Xbox tells you nothing … don’t even know if they rob the thrall they kill as nothing shows on eventlog

If he has a god token in his inventory you can knock him out and put him in a fridge :joy: ban me funcom I do not care … sort your game out !!

im xbox platform. This seems to be a recent change maybe? stealing thralls did not show on logs a patch or 2 ago

this should show on ur own log as well, u can test this next raid time

:face_with_monocle: hmm will have to double check but sure we have had a few thrall stolen since and never seen anything on eventlog :+1::+1:

I’m just loading now … gimme ten minuets to do sp them dashboard 4 times lol
We knocked someone’s thrall it last night … will check :+1:

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