Capturing Named Thralls around Well of Skelos

It has to be possible, but I’m struggling trying to figure out how to capture Risa the Brutal and Firis Flickertongue…Any help/ suggestions?

What’s the trouble ? They’re in the well, yes, there is a way up, just walk carefully.
And in the volcano there enough place to set-up a wheel. I captured several thralls from there, the Hyborian are the highest, so of course, they’re could to grab.

Where is the way up?? I can get down only because people in our server made some foundations, but you can’t get back up them. There’s a dedicated route to the center to drag thralls out of? My Wheel is at Master of Ceremonies…

yes, there is a small path leading up, just roam around on the groundlevel and look out at all place, you will see the small path, just walk, and dont go lava.

N, S, E, W side? I feel like I’ve been all over it multiple times.

realy i don’t remember just so, but you should see it with no problem. I missed it also the first mal, is just a small path leading up through the lava.

I found a small path, but it leads to loading screen. You can’t take thralls through loading screens…

One of the paths that access the volcano area and have no loading screen is this one marked as “Road of the Pilgrim”:


It starts a bit north-east of Xulhan, it’s the gray shaded area in the picture… it’s filled with rocknoses though, so, either clear it before going in/out or be prepared to fight every 10 steps :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that there are some other similar path somewhere else, but I haven’t found it yet.

I put my wheel very close to where you have yours and made my own path to the center to drag thralls up…your saying other people kinda spammed foundations and you cant build your own or there paths might have decayed?

there’s a natural path going up, no need for foundations.

There is a natural path from the well to the top of the volcano?

depends what you call the top, the entrance, yes, a small path through the lava.

there are more, go west

I build an elevator sequence going from around the walk of the devout right on to one of the upper levels of the Well of Skelos. There’s a no build zone around the well, but elevator projections ignore it.

I tried to link an image but the forum doesn’t accept links. If you want to see it, go to pasteboard DOT co and add HpuRjiP.jpg to the url.

(that’s dot co not dot com).

Edit: Spinas the Marauder spawns there too. T4 fighter.

Damn it I have been trying for that thrall for a while! Lol

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