Careful what you say folks

I guess now when you voice displeasure in the time it’s taking Funcom to fix this game up, they’ll delete your forum posts instantly and throw you off their Facebook page no matter how benign your post. I’ve seen a whole lot worse than what I’ve posted stay up. Interesting. Must have struck a nerve.
Poor form, Funcom.


I’ve been on the internet myself for over 20 years. I’ve no reason to lie. On the Facebook posts, all I did was agree with what was already said and shared my experiences on the topic with people who weren’t too happy with the state of the game.
I’ve posted worse here when something angered me many months ago and seen worse here and on Facebook posted by others. The fact that I’m still here should tell you how honest I’m being because the rules of this forum are somewhat stricter than what you can post on social media.
If I could, I’d copy and paste what was said on Facebook. It’s not like I was cussing people out, using inappropriate language, and going all crazy on them. I stated the truth, brought up some uncomfortable facts, and asked some very pointed questions that may have been too forward for Funcom to address. I don’t know. But the posts that got me thrown off of their Facebook page were nothing compared to other’s that I’ve seen. There’s some mad people out there and rightly so. They paid good money to play a game that many of them find unplayable and they can’t get refunds.
The whole truth here is that some folks can’t deal with criticism by disgruntled customers of a product that should have been close to 100% fixed months ago…plain and simple.

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I see what you’re saying. I suppose there might be someone who moderates their Facebook page that may not be connected to Funcom, but I’m fairly certain, going by the responses from them that I’ve seen, there are indeed people associated with Funcom moderating that page. In fact, I’d bet on it. And I’m not even worried about contacting them to get back on it, mistake or not. I’m kinda where you were at. I’m likely not going to purchase any more Funcom products after this whole experience unless they pull a rabbit out of their hats and make the game right real quick. If they don’t by April, I’m definitely going to write this one off. I think a year of patience is more than generous.
I bought the game in early access and saw potential so I further supported them by getting the Barbarian Edition. Now I’m just feeling like I got ripped off and like you said…too bad. Nothing I can do about it.

Yes they do thta. They edit, deleted. And ban any one who touch ther image. Have you see the last stream? They act like there game us perfwct and shiw us some ner npc :)) all crowd was asking about exploits and they ignore us all. This is funcom and community managers, they lie edit and ban and act like game has no bugs. Makes me sick wen i here about them

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If you haven’t noticed they also do the same thing on these forums. They like to hide your responses, ban you, or delete your posts.

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offending statement is saying that if someone were to do the same thing at a real job they would honestly be fired. If that is the criteria of offending then wow, super delicate snowflakes

I’ve posted plenty of criticism in my time here, and have not suffered any kind of censure for it. I sincerely doubt there was no ranting, name-calling or worse going on. I don’t believe for a second that you were just “benignly voicing your displeasure” and got banned for that.

I’ve had plenty of posts hidden by fellow forum members’ flags though, a fair amount of whom I’d say were abusing their flagging privileges (flagging because they disagree, not because there was anything wrong with the post), and the rest were unhelpful or nonconstructive on my part (hey I’m only human…ish) and purging those were fine. In any case, that all falls under the community umbrella, not the Funcom one.


Hello everyone,

Let me re-quote some of the info from our community guidelines which I updated and posted earlier today (they were already available in the Funcom News section of the forums but too hidden and hard to find):

The team here at Funcom responsible for Conan Exiles shares your passion for the game, and we know that with this passion, and the work and commitment many of you put into the game, conversations can get heated. That is the reason we have these guidelines, to ensure community members can feel safe and welcome, every time you pass over our digital threshold.

In order to maintain the boards and be able to provide feedback, we must reserve the right to enforce certain standards and rules. By using these forums you agree to follow these guidelines in order to maintain a healthy community.


There is zero tolerance for inappropriate, aggressive, or hostile complaints posted on the Forums. If you have a complaint about how your behavior on the forums (or possibly elsewhere on official capacity) has been moderated, send a Moderator or Staff Member a private message. They will do what they can to sort out any issues and provide explanation and clarification.

We are happy to have you on our forums and as part of our community. We do however not tolerate developer bashing and/or implications that any of our employees are lying or abusing their power. Once again, please refer to our Community Guidelines for more information.