Nice use of semantics to double cross your fan base, Funcom. I'm done with you liars

You rotten dogs. You said that the only DLC we’d have to pay for is cosmetic. You didn’t say building pieces, you didn’t say weapons…you asshats said cosmetics…as I took as war paints, dyes, placeables and such. I’m sure many people did the same. And we’re waaay past a month beyond release with the game still buggy as hell.
You used semantics to rip everyone off just like you ripped us all off by purposely releasing a broken game. Roast in hell, Funcom…I’m done with your lying, word game playing ■■■■■ and I will NEVER buy another Funcom product. You’re not game developers, you’re con men.
This game is dying anyway…and you fools killed it with your fork-tongued shenanigans. In the last 30 days -27.75% playing on Steam. That’s thousands of players gone…thousands.
Don’t be too proud of your peak numbers either. They all correspond to you releasing your broken updates. That’s just people checking to see if you’ve done anything worthwhile. As clearly you haven’t, the numbers always fall off immediately following the updates.
You blew it, bad. And since you’re a bunch of liars and thieves, I’m glad CE is tanking for you. It’ll be a glorious day when Funcom falls away to nothing.
I’d give a body part to see what a real game developer could do with a game like Conan…like Rockstar or EA. You dolts can’t seem to find your ■■■■■ with both hands.


Well you can tell your a young one palm521🧐 If you can’t understand this persons passion then You are simply here as a brainless minion with no backbone.

This person cares, they want to play and support this game. If someone comes into your store mad about a product YOU made and sold do you tell them to pound sand? NO… you calm them and try to help them through the issue because people are ALLOWED to be angry and vent. They HAVE NO CHOICE , but to come here and make such a brainless comment🤮 The OP is making a choice to throw away the time and money they invested. NEVER TO RETURN. Yea that’s huge for a company. Especially when this hits twitter and other media sites full blast.

So your ignorant comment shows you immaturity, and lack of business experience on a customer service level.

The OP has an issues… why post such a garbage response. Maybe offer a little bit of an educated statement like…

“They are working on a 500 big patch, maybe take some time away from the game and come back after the major fixes, give the players time to understand the dlc bull, let’s see if they are honest enough to fix this broken ■■■ game. <~~ Palm521.Your brain Get it? So you can regurgitate something useful for once“

And let’s get the facts straight about the dlc which will be tweeted on twitter to avoid the care bear paid trolls here… the public will see this even if you want to dab your life Away in the darkness.

The dlc weapons and building have different stats from people comparing them, buildings have more hp. So what was said to the public about only cosmetic MIGHT be false. I’m sure redit has a growing list of fact checkers. So please, offer a better respons and take your diaper off next time. See you on twitter🤨


BigDave, it’s you again!
See, weapons and building pieces are only cosmetic as long as their functionality matches another item already in the game and achieved in a similar fashion because, and if you look at it you might notice it yourself, only thing different is the looks.
Also you should be banned for your insulting and mannerless behavior.

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Cashgrab Masters EA and Rockstar? And completely incompetent EA? NO, thanks. Rather some open minded and devoted studio with solid developers. It’s a pity that Funcom can’t handle this brand, but that’s what we have now. Either they wake up, or we just play some other game.


While I disapprove of BigDaves lack of manners and research on the subject, what he says isn’t entirely false…

Let me refine his rubbish for you.

When Natascha and Jens were asked if flawless Khitan weapons were available, they said yes. BigDave is correct in that they use semantics to lie. While it isn’t a lie that flawless khitan weapons exist, they are not craftable. Semantics.

And you are correct that cosmetics matches items already in the game, but this has to be a perfect match. Stats to stats, mat to mat. The weapons and armor weren’t a perfect match. Therein lies the problem.

What they sold us is cosplay, not cosmetics.


Valorin, you again with your so peaceful comments too.

Who are you to ask for this ? This is freedom of speech like you can be agree or not with him.

Armors are not the same as you get the similar of silent legion for frost with a bonus of +9 in encumbrance. +9 in strength for intermediate. Doors have more HP (but i am sure it is not intended)

If people feel screwed (like i am but i am not expressing it in the OP way) it is their rights. Funcom deserve players return even it’s not nice.


I didn’t ask this. It’s just my opinion that he should.

PS: direct insults are a direct violation of forum rules, and freedom of speech is something completely different than you think it is.

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@Halcyon: Yeah, I got the bit about the not-craftable flawless and exceptional things as well. Actually I guess they just didn’t think about the fact that there are no Khitan thralls to craft these. Thing is, that devs don’t profit from lies. They just anger fans.
Of course they now have to deliver on thralls able to craft us some flawless and exceptional Khitan things of course. :smiley:
Let’s hope they’ll do.

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I’m pretty certain they knew about this fact. To say otherwise is just lying to yourself.

Let’s say you’re right, though, and they “just didn’t think” about this fact. Is that really a company you want to give money to?? A company that releases a paid DLC, but just happened to forget about adding the proper npc’s to the table??

I mean, they’re already a company that has many thralls that are only available via the admin panel, so I guess it could be more of a “just don’t care” rather than a “just didn’t think” about problem.

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its not lootboxes thats a plus


You’re right. They may have done the switch n’ bait with the stats on weapons, they may have danced around their wording regarding flawless versions of the weapons, they may have just not finished the dlc they sold people by not putting npc’s in there, but hey, at least it’s not lootboxes. :\

No. It’s just an angry kid.
Sorry, but every time I read such childish crap, I see a 12 - 14 years old child of his pc or console.
And if the “BigDave” is really beyond 18, then he should act as an adult.

A lot of the posts here at the forum seems to be from children and not from adult person.

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Well said. Saves me the trouble of trying to explain that to him.

I’d agree if that’s how Funcom explained it. But that’s not what they said.
If they want to ban me, I could care less. I don’t think they will though. You see, they probably don’t get offended easily and can take a bit of heat from an angry customer…unlike so many snowflakes that need to find a safe place if someone gets mad at them. Political correctness and sugar coating things if for the spineless.


You have a good point there about EA and R*. Lol…I didn’t think that one through. :smiley:

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You’re either extremely mature and enlightened, or you have more money than brains and you don’t get irate when you pay good money and get a broken product, then a chain of broken promises and lies.
I’m gonna go with the latter. :wink:

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What all this rage is about reminds me of things FC did during early access when adding content (and they’re still doing) … as oddball and crazy as this seems.
You remember items added to the game (after a patch or content update) that had different appearances but the same name. (ie) Large Camp fire labeled as a bedroll and a bunch of other items with the wrong names and stats. (this was back when it was a little less complicated when adding things).
But such examples persisted after every update until they rolled out some patch to correct this mayhem. Guess what? Mods broke and another uproar began. It’s an ongoing process.
I see this as somehow happening in exactly the same way they did it before. The only things that have changed is what they’re adding and that has to be patched to reflect the correct information (that’s coincidentally tied in with the database they’re adding all this into).
Do you see the parallel in this?

It’s like: Let’s go ahead and put the round peg in the square hole. We’ll fix one or the other so they’ll fit. (But in the process break something else).


Some of the replies here led me to take a look at my original post. Okay…I may have gone a little overboard with the name calling. So in that light, to Funcom…I retract all except “rotten dogs” and “con men”. You deserve at least that.
I’ve been a huge fan of Robert E. Howard’s character since childhood and I have a lot of time and money invested in this game. I saw a great and limitless potential when I rolled the dice and bought it in early access. I talked people in my gaming community to buy it. I rented a server. (which I rarely consider doing) I even invested in the disappointing Barbarian Edition. C’mon Funcom…the t-shirt graphics…I was drawing better pictures when I was in the 6th grade, for crying out loud. And how do they measure people over there? It doesn’t fit!!! The only redeeming factor in the B.E. was R.E.H.'s original stories.
All else stands. I, and clearly others, are feeling a bit ripped off by this developer. That tends to make people very angry.
If people don’t like the angry vibe of my post, move on to the next. No one is forcing you to like it or agree with it. :wink:


Everything available in the DLC is already implemented in the game, they just gave have another visual.

That is called cosmetics, you are not paying to have something that gives you advantage over others, I dont understand what are you complaining about.

If, by my post and other posts, you don’t understand, you likely never will.