Cartographer: Supplementary Maps



Supplementary map mod with lore and champion locations, and a feature wishlist that’ll keep me busy for years


  • Crashes the game… wait, that’s a bug warning not a feature

  • Minimap mode: Resize until the sidebar vanishes and it will follow your character around while you’re in the visible zone
  • Keyboard shortcut: Hold [ctrl] while opening the default map (defaults to ctrl+m)
  • View maps for other zones: Click on the zone transition icons (green) to move between maps (exclaimation marks mean a map isn’t available)
  • Customizable and extendible: Add maps, data or custom icons without needing a recompile (probably causes most of those crashes unfortunately)
  • Provided datasets: Near comprehensive survey of provided maps, as well as data for some unmapped instances (ready for future maps or search feature)
    • Lore and Champions: Automaticly update as you complete them
    • Krampus spawns: Available during event (file skipped if event is not running)
    • Maps for all open world zones (including hubs and New Dawn)

Known Issues

  • Randomly crashes the game when opening, changing maps, zooming… very much use at own risk
  • Data loading adds a noticable delay on login and /reloadui
  • Several UI sections are functional placeholders that have cosmetic or minor functional issues, including the sidebar and tooltips
  • With great ambition comes… bugs, ak’ab, and more bugs

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Forum edits are only permitted for a limited time. This post may not fully represent the current state of the mod. If I am unable to edit the post, I will add updates in a reply. Links should go to the latest download and not need updating. This post is accurate as of v0.1.7-beta, released April 9, 2018.

Feedback, suggestions or bug reports are welcome. They’ll at least get added to the very long list™.

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