Casting a spell twice per cooldown

I cancelled a crystallised flame cast to change the target position and it went off twice. Haven’t been able to reproduce it but I figured I’d mention it anyway since I caught it on video. :v:

Back when the AoE was dependent on Heat, you could place it twice if you hit the heat requirement between the two, so one ST and one AoE. I’m not sure if that was a bug back then or intentional though.

About 2/3~3/4 through the cast bar of CB you can jump or roll to interrupt and cast a second. You can replicate this fairly reliably, though sometimes it will result in a cooldown with no cast.

I see it bug often enough when I have to dodge roll to escape something mid-cast.

Elementalism used to work by swapping your abilities out for enhanced versions once you hit a certain amount of heat so I guess it was to do with that.

That would be my guess too. Maybe someone forgot to carry over the CD when the abilities changed.

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