Casting Bench should have a Crystal to Glass recipe

Title. A simple QoL change. Although a furnace is generally nearby anyway, this would negate the need for one in isolated alchemy setups, save us some extra handling time & allow us to make flasks to order in precise quantities.


Not bad, I am all in. Like blacksmith (iron to steel economy) to produce more glass with less crystal.

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Do people still craft glass flasks?

I always buy them at a trader, 10 glass flask for 1 silver coin :yum:


Yes noobs do.

I mean you could go out of your way to visit a vendor with silver and buy them
Orrrr just dump the stacks upon stacks of crystal you get from bearer supply packs into a furnace to melt then dump glass into casting bench to make flasks all while you do something else productive

Point is sometimes visiting a vendor is less convenient when you have the mats already on hand and in bulk to make it


Oh hello officer, no no those three cabinets full of suspiciously red glass bottles definitely do not contain a moderately sized lake’s worth of human blood obtained in demonic rituals, officer.

What do you mean, probable cause? Hey are those handcuffs? Sorry, flattered, but I’m not into… oi… lemme go! Nyarlathotep made me do it!

This post is dedicated to my boy @Jimbo for his many and extensive theories on said Eldritch horror.


Yes, because when I loot chests it’s easier to Take all and sort later than pick and choose. So I end up with lots of glass and crystal, so I can just as well toss them into a crafting table and make use of them. I need to go out of my way to a trader to buy stuff. And every silver coin I spend on shopping is one less alchemical base I can make.


Then I’m rich! :money_mouth_face:

Plus, you know, you can go to a cave, cast the gather materials spell and walk out with over 4k crystal in less than a minute. That’s almost something like 700 glass flasks right there.

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