Glass Flask Mold seems pointless now... change it back!


What is the point of even crafting the Glass Flask Mold now? Glass automatically become Glass Flasks naturally now without the mold, making crafting glass a chore, since you need to watch the furnace to make sure the glass doesn’t become flasks.

This change in the most recent major update makes the Glass Flask Mold the only craftable item that has absolutely zero use. Maybe change it back to the old system of actually needing the mold, please?


same with coins now to


Yea I recently got back into the game after huge hiatus, and was wondering about the mold… Maybe the mold should just be removed from the game if its pointless.

There is also the coin mold…

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yeah they are both pointless, no idea why they changed it… I hope they put it back, i reset my points and learnt other stuff instead of the molds now cause of it…

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I’m not keen on the change. Watching glass to make lanterns is annoying because they turn into flasks.

I migjht the minority here but I love the glass wall lanterns with the Yamatai building peices. Even with Khitan and Aquilonian.

Having to sit there and remove glass before it changes is annoying as eff


I thought coins were moved to Black Smith…
Gold ore to Gold bars in smelter.
Gold Bar to Gold coins in black smith.
So I am okay with that.

But i agree, the crystal to glass to flask is tedious if you only want the glass for decor.


I totally agree.

The more that Funcom is aware that players do not like having the crystal go to glass then to glass flasks automatically the better to push for a change.
The issue was brought to Funcom’s attention after the PC patch dropped with this change in it. Ignasis said he would take it to the team for review.
A couple of people commented upon it as not being a good change.
I suggested moving flask making to the blacksmith bench.
Starbugpilo suggested making a tick box “enable flask mold” on the furnace so it wouldn’t make flask from glass unless ticked.

ah ok, that sounds good

+1 for return of molds.

It add a sense of, well…something. Not like players need help figuring it out, it had skill feat.
Should say way it was, or simply remove feat cost and make it default on BS bench.

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