What is the point of the Casting Table after Hotfix 2.1.1?

If we can’t make glass flasks and coins on the Casting Table anymore, what is its purpose in the game? Jewelry could be moved to the artisan’s bench and the glass mold back to the blacksmith’s bench. It just takes up space for nothing.

You have a beautiful Casting Table model with no reason to hardly ever use it except to make the mold… once. Why not turn it into an advanced Artisan’s Table to help us reduce costs for placeables since thralls don’t reduce costs anymore?


yeah move those back, it actually made sense


There was a pretty gnarly bug affecting the production of glass flasks and I suspect they moved flask and coin production back to the furnace because that was the easiest way to address the problem “immediately”.

Agreed. It’s a beautiful bench but seems a lot less useful than most of the other benches at this point. I suppose it’s on par with the torturer’s worktable. I use that bench very very rarely after I craft the steel truncheon and chain bindings.


I bet you use it more often than a bench that only makes jewelry. Your first statement may be true, but a little more transparency from FunCom on it would be nice.

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Agreed, this suggestion really makes sense.

But increase the costs for vaults to not make them cheaper as they are already to prevent spam!


Hey @helium3,

It seems, meanwhile, this idea might’ve ran into an issue.
Feel free to reproduce the below issue and comment your findings in said thread.

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Lol. The behavior @Palm522 reported has been confirmed. Also, because the bars are prioritized above coins, you can’t even queue up a large number of coins and come back later before they start re-melting. You have to pick them out as they form.

I’m sure @CodeMage would disagree, but I would almost pay money for a window into Funcom’s development process. I think it would be very enlightening from a professional standpoint.



I might disagree, but not for the reasons you think. If you’ll pardon me for indulging in obscure koans:

On the one hand, I’m extremely curious about Funcom’s development process. On the other hand, I’m not sure I want to know. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. :wink:

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lol, in excess can be dangerous, ill leave it as that, before i direct this response to whoever “called” the removal of the coins from where they where back to the furnace.


I actually liked the move TO the casting table. Just need a thrall working as a glass crafter.

I liked the fact I could queue up a specific number of glass flasks instead of dumping the glass into a furnace to offset/interrupt ingot and brick smelting.

furnace: make ingots and brick
bench: make crafted goods

makes sense.

moving the stuff back to the furnace does not.


Yep. Reduces a lot of stress when you don’t know, and don’t want to know, about all the barely averted catastrophes. Problems arise when the blissfully ignorant try to tell those who actually know about these things how they should do their jobs.


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