Casual PVE/PVP Server


I have a rented server through g-portal that currently has 10 slots. Myself plus three others are playing very casually (maybe few nights a week). The server has three mods (Less Building Placement Restrictions, MiniMap, and Pickup+). The setting are mostly vanilla, other than stamina drain for running is slightly reduced and thrall taming time is 1.5x instead of 1.

We are looking for people to join to create another small tribe just to add some exictment to the server. We may change the server setting to allow PVP at certain times (like Weekends) to have some fun with small skirmishes, but mostly just some more people to run around and fill the server up abit more. Obviously, our server size is small so this won’t be a server with massive tribes or player counts. But if you and a few friends want to join and have a consistent server to play on (even if it’s just to play PVE with your friends), message me and I shall give you the server details. The server stays up 24/7 and we are playing out of Canada in the GMT-4 Timezone for those who wish to play at approximately similar times we are.

Message me if interested, Cheers!