Caught by the chair

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Not much use in drinking my last mead for the buffs, when I chose to sit down while he sobers up, only to get caught by the chair…
Leaves 2 options:

  1. remove bracelet - loose all buffs
  2. re-loggin to server - loose all buffs

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drawing a weapon mostly works for me.

Tried it… he draws the weapon, and even perform full combos, but he is stil stuck as soon as the animation ends…

who played with the super-glue ? :confounded:

Looks like this bug depends also person/server/pc-config

…AND I am stuck again as seen on the wrong angle to the chair…
But then again… it might just be a healthy interest in that chick that make him not sit the right way in the chair :wink:


Thought maybe it was the chair, so I tried out my new Khitan bench, but still…

This has been a lingering issue the developers have continuously failed to address.
This has been happening for a long time.

did you go in subjective view before sitting down, because i think there is a link. Cam and sitting down. Tried it out last night on SP, needed some trials to be honnest, but i got stuck like you using third person view. :rofl:

Yes, I always use the third person view.

Interesting… What made you think of that posibillity?

Before the last “great update” when we were allowed 1st person perspective, I was accustomed to using 1st person perspective.
The issue existed back then and this has been going on for nearly a year when sitting in chairs was implemented. (the big furniture update). Remember that one?
The worst part is that it is does not happen every time you sit down. It is inconsistent and difficult to reproduce. BUT, if you keep doing it, it does happen and when it does happen, the only thing you can do to remedy it is to log out.
What’s adding insult to injury is the fact the position you sit in (even when it is correct) is also inconsistent. You don’t sit down in exactly the same position every time. Your position is off by a little bit nearly every time you sit down and this is most noticeable when you’re using the “chair”. (not comfy chair or stool or bench).

I reported this issue a long time ago when FC was still using the Steam Forums.
Seems to me somebody swept this under the carpet, and honestly …
I’m not surprised.
This is one of those lingering issues that FC has failed to address that’s got me absolutely furious at them and honestly … after 2000 hours I have lost my patience.

@Funcom Developers
If your integrity means anything to you, you’re going to fix this S.O.B. once and for all.

Yes, I been around a good while myself, and do remember way back then :slight_smile:

But you said it as precise as can be: this is the kind of bug that can be almost impossible to sort out.

I read through the list of fixes in the “mother of all patches”, the 500-fixerupper we all wait for, and this issue is not mentioned there.

Thanks for bringing this up. We’ll do some more internal testing :slight_smile:

i usually perform a dodge to get out of ekotes and chairs/benches etc. no idea if there is a button for or something

check Stat page - relogin does not remove buffs