Challenge. How many days an Exile needs to do everything in this map?

I use a wide variety of weapons , but I have to admit , I’m not a fan of two-handed hammers and axes. As the saying goes : " there are only fools who don’t change their minds " so I’m going to test two-handed axes since I received this advice from a great player that I respect .

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What a week!!!
Effort number 12 seems to be the one, yet only time will tell.
Let’s see.
A week after i started playing with fear, i don’t rush reckless, i watch my hill diving and when i see that i don’t have the control of the battle, i do not insist, i flee. Exactly as a normal man would do to live another day.
I have done nothing like it so far, it’s beautiful.
So, day 26 lvl only 57. Yes i am not 60 yet. In this session i changed all my routines, i don’t have all the Obelisks, i don’t have all the recipes, i didn’t visit dungeons so far, except witch queen, dregs and executioner cave. I build a house… Again and i slowly populate it with crafters

Since i decided not to use pvp flags i builded close to den. It’s a point that has 5 minutes galloping to go almost everywhere.
I did my first purge too

NPCs even in lvl 1 Purge hit decent and they don’t go down one shot.
Lots and lots of work to be done still, i don’t feel safe yet and i cannot say anything else than, i don’t want to die :rofl:.
So far so good, i am happy i start it.


Day 61, still alive and kicking.
I have completed the most visit all the areas mostly, no matter if the game after 5 visits insists to make you feel like it’s your first time visiting :rofl:. Especially from the passage i have passed 5 times in my still alive session and whenever i pass again it says “the passage” and i say, oh really!!!
@Ragnaguard, @Pugilist, apologies my session seems boring, but that’s the game when you need to grind. Interesting for the player only.
3 purges left (8,9,10), the well of skelos and rockslide.
Let’s see!


Good stream. I normally watch Conan streams when I am playing, so the game content was perfect.

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For the “old” chapter 3 update my best score was 90 days without death. I reach until lvl 7 purge, i build a boat to live in and i had an unexpected surprise to get a Carries - through - storms (south surge tier 4, bearer) on exile lands. I gain him on a lvl 6 purge. Amazing gift, simply amazing.
Of course i killed alone everything, single player on battle is outstanding and after all this time i don’t know how i’ll get back to online experience again.
Today i continue 4 more gaming days, without death apparently and i’ll go until i die.
It took me 18 efforts to learn how to play without manipulation of my death. Let’s be honest, in this game when you die you loose nothing. Even if you won’t go back to gain your inventory, or summon it from your chalk, you still loose nothing.
I believe that permadeath must be activated as a standard mechanism of the game.
To be continued

What rises sets!
In one hour purge lvl 10 and epilog!
Purge lvl 9 stopped 4 times with absolutely NO reason.
Anyway, wish me luck
Ps. @Jimbo i think i find the trick for the meteo shower

I lost!!!

I am defeated congratulations @den and team!
I promise I will train hard to defeat you.
Purge lvlX vs Bella
2 - 1
Well done, amazing purge, amazing experience, i believe in decadent i would win, but still nothing is certain.
Please check purge lvl 9 something is not right, the purge stops with absolutely no reason. Lvl 10 runs excellent, congratulations!
Thank you for making my dreams come true, you are all amazing!
Even though i lost in my permadeath session, i feel a winner, you should feel the same way too, amazing job amazing experience!

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