Grindier than Conan Exiles

I’m a console player and played a few mmo’s games out on console but none of those games got me burned out on farming for things like Conan Exiles … is it just me or are there mmo games out there that are grindier than Conan Exiles? (Excluding Mobile Games)

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Dunno mate. I’ve spent the last 3 years hitting rocks and killing bosses so i didn’t have time to check any other game.


If you want grind go try out Subsistence…


I’ve found every MMO to be way more grindy than Conan Exiles.

I’m curious though… what are you all grinding in Conan? Cause unless you’re hopping servers, or playing modded content. Many of you should have been ‘done’ like over a year ago.

I’m currently on my second character in Siptah, and I play on a modded server that has content well past 60. Those of you playing in unmodded Exiled Lands… what exactly are you trying to get? I’m not being critical, but just curious. That content was complete for me nearly 2 years ago.

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I build up a stock pile of everything I can. This way I don’t have to continue the grind. I only go out to do that when my stock pile gets low.

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I no longer play for things like achievements.

However as a former World of Warcraft player, who had “long strange trip” on 3 alts before the Achievement merge, it takes a full year to get that one.
And having the Frostsaber Mount which took months of grinding to ecru enough reputation.

And I also spent 3 full years trying for the “insane in the membrane” achievement and still never acquired enough reputation, I can honestly say Conan Exiles is a cake walk in comparison.

Happy holidays.


Great question!

I play single player, testlive, no mods on barbaric difficulty with a self imposed hardcore/permadeath rule. So whenever a character dies, I have to start over from scratch. I also do stupid things like trying not to use the Yellow Lotus potions and not investing feat points into anything other than the base stone/wood weapon feats until I reach level 60. Then I allow for the Epic weapon feats. Inevitably at some point I will cave in and use a potion.

I’ve found that I can get along quite well by using only the weapons that I find in the Exiled Lands. Although sometimes it can be kind of hard to get a reliable weapon early game. This is why I allow the base weapon feats.

Since I’m on testlive I also like to start a brand new game any time a new update is released. I like to see how the game plays from the beginning rather than spawning things in via the admin panel. In fact, I’ve never used the admin panel.

It sucks to start a new game some times though.

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I find the game too grindy. Adding more of it does not make for a more fun and engaging gameplay loop, Funcom.

In this I might have a fair point.

1.Some players start from single player, isn’t it? So when things are going more than breaking stones they go God mode to finish the game :joy::joy::joy:.

  1. Several players love the x10 servers with instathrall, easy mode and no stamina loss. And since everything is easy and fast, the game is boring :joy::joy::joy:.

  2. Paradox role players in pvp, some players played this game for a whole year, doing specific jobs for a clan and nothing else. They know the existence of several things from raids, if they have to farm it is boring, but if they have to farm 1.000.000 stones it is fun, OMG.

  3. Some players on the other hand, like to go in different servers and fix museum facilities. They need to have every single weapon, tool and armor piece that this game has. To make it more difficult they play on official servers.

All the above ofcurce doesn’t give a clean answer to this question you 've made, but this might do.

Pvp players, spend 45% of their gaming life farming brimstone and stones.
Pve c players, since they cannot destroy someones base, they grind stones to circle the player they don’t like.
Pve players try to build all the map to DOMINATE.

Thank god a decent percentage of players, really enjoy the game’s possibilities and play chess :wink: on it. From my experience to gain everything from 0, with normal gaming hours you need more or less 2 months. For me the most difficult thing to get is a purge armorer, for this you might have to get 10 human purges, omg.

Conan is grindy … But for some of us that is a good thing ! … The crafting speed is way too slow though , But go into settings , make yourself admin < you may need password , but it is neccessary now > and speed up crafting speed a bit ! … Be aware raising speed sometimes works back to front , so check cos it often slows down the effect

Good news. Purge armorer’s are just the same as non-purge armorer’s now. You no longer need to find one anymore.

Well, unless you’re doing it for the collection value. :wink:


You mean that on pc now you can fix the upgrated silent legion armor without a purge armorer?


And, ultimately, just not fun.

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Nice lookin game but waaaay to much grind.


I believe is how you play makes the game grind and not the game it self. I do understand that when you are new to this game you spend so much time with your stone or iron tools, that when the time comes and you have all the possibilities to farm correctly and in massive numbers you are so tired from the beginning, that you don’t want to do it anymore. @SindeeSyringe, some time ago was correct. In a post where is the best place to farm stones (?) @CodeMage said in the volcano and Sindee sayed the same but with black blood pick and oil. I test the proposition of both players and they were right, code for the location and Sindee for the way, still I reject Sindee’s offer saying that I don’t want to spend fragments for farming stones :man_facepalming:. OK, what was the use of fragments in pve if you have all the scrolls and all the knowledge. My choise to keep 300 fragments just to say that I have them is exactly what makes this game grindy, not the game it self :wink:. For 2 years now I ‘ve played pve the wrong way, now the last week I restart in a new official server. Day 7 I had everything, a Cimmerian berserker purge came and destroyed everything :rofl::rofl::rofl:, but it was so fun, the best purge ever, today I’ ve recovered everything again except the thralls ofcurce, still I don’t care I want a revenge :wink:.

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Not in this game. I’m not a big fan of dying 4 times in one hour over and oer again cause I can’t find food or cause there is a wolf or a bear EVERY 5 feet, lol. A few less animals and a bit more food around and the game would be good. :wink:

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You hit me in the week spot, siptah. I cannot say about isle of siptah, I am eager to play there, until then I can say nothing. My post was clearly for exile lands :wink:.

Play on a community server with 3x or x4 to remove the grind

On an official PVP server, the game is not so grindy.

explore server > bearer 3 > level 60 > star metal > hide your base > 100 bombs + 1 000 arrows … > raid small bases > raid bigger bases :slight_smile:

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This is interesting for me. I asked myself why so many PVE Players are so toxic, especially on official servers, especially clans. I wondered about it. But if you see it this way it is senseful that clans want to DOMINATE, and on a PVE Server they can just build and be toxic to demonstrate their domination.

And no, conan exiles is not grindier as necessary. Building is an essential part of the game. I can level a lvl 60 char and develop a base to a far advanced point on a WE on an official server with 1x. I wouldn’t say this is grindy. Elder Scrolls online for example is far grindier.

How PVP is I can’t say. Maybe this is grindy. Get resources and stuff, be beaten, get again stuff, be again beaten, and as everything could be destroyed it was for nothing. In PVE I don’t see a grind as I constantly build my base, so it ever has a purpose.

Conan Exiles is a nice game, but the Community of Fallout 76 is 1000 times better. That’s a pity, but perhaps it is really this “domination” thing.

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