Challenge! How many tier 4 crafters i can gather in a week in Siptah island only from camps

Do it Stelagel… Just do it :grin:

Thank you @Frillen, i will :heart::blush:.
I will enter a random Siptah EU server, i will start from 0 and i will try to gather as much as named crafters as i can. Every help in the knowledge part where to find crafters is more than welcome.
Thank you @Frillen for giving me a new weekly goal for playing the game i love so much.
So… Let’s do it :metal:


That’s the spirit stelagel, I will offer some tips on some places where I know chances are decent to get T4 crafters on Siptah, but some of them may not be easy to get to, even for you :grin:

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Dunno where you chose to start, but may I suggest E9 around western side of main island by the river, I will tell you why in a little bit :grin:


I saw this title and expected it to be my Greek friend. Not on line now in the area you learn Sorcery at the river where Jailor is random T4 thralls also upstream by a tent occasionally named fighter and crafters we have a base between the two had no idea it was the Sorcery learning area :wink:. @Frillen @stelagel


Having a small starter base by the river at E9 provides close proximity to a lot of things including worker thralls, good resources that are easy to grab, in general it is a really good starting place simply because it is actually close to a lot of good stuff that will make a start pretty smooth :slight_smile:

  • Close by at D11 there is an exile camp called Arno’s Prospect, it is an exile camp which has 100% spawn of a named Exile, a T2 armorer, 2 Sorcerers and some exiles, the camp is pretty easy to clear early on because they can be pulled one by one, there is a lot of steel and hardened steel weapons to be picked up, also it has a bunch of good loot chests which contain at least 100 steel bars, tools from iron to starmetal tier, up to 200 thick leather and other high tier goodies, it is a good goto loot place for early game.
    The random named exile fighter is a glass canon and won’t get much hp as a fighter thrall, but they will hit like a truck, 2.08 melee multiplier and 0.825 damage bonus % per strength which is more than twice of a named acursed fighter, so yeah they can become very hard hitting pretty fast for an exile :grin:

  • Not far from E9 in E11 there is a small Black Corsair camp which has a 100% spawsn of a T3 taskmaster and a T1-2 Tanner, mostly this camp is just to get the T3 taskmaster, but early game you take what you can get :slight_smile:

  • To the right in E9 up the hill towards the Spider vault there is a small forest, lots of trees and iron, but best part is only a couple of rocknoses, and if you go further down towards the spider vault hugging the left side of cliff that has the vault entrance, there is a buttload of iron with pretty much nothing to fight if you don’t aggro + some blackice, also silk from spider eggfs all over the ground around the entrance.

  • In D9 there is Ashen Core where you among other things can find Brutus dog in a hole, a hard place but has the possibilities of several good worker thralls, but the best thing is named thralls galore and they spawn pretty frequently, however it is a hard camp, it is dark, there are loads of traps that will hurt badly, archers high up, but the worker thrall spawns, man they are great there :grin:
    It has fixed spawns for Blacksmith, entertainer, taskmaster Armorer which often is at least T3, but also different named ones with different specialities, yes it is dangerous and especially the higher you go, but the crafters are on ground or close to which makes it my number 1 crafter thrall resource place :slight_smile:

  • Again, not too far away in D8 there is an exile camp(Grave of the Leviathan) with 3 sorcerers, a jailor, T1-2 carpenter & cook, but the good part of this camp besides being an easy spot with decent loot, it has 2 cages with guaranteed bearers in them, and the chance of a T3 or named is pretty good :grin:

  • In G11 there is an accursed camp in a broken Leyshrine, it has a 100% alchemist spawn in basement and quite often T3, sometimes named, I think a named carpenter can spawn in that camp too, but despite being an accursed camp you can pretty easy pick them one by one to get to the alchemist there, so a decent spot to get named workers too.

  • In G8 top right corner there is a broken Leyshrine with good named spawns, again not too difficult, it can spawn named cook, carpenter and Alchemist but also quite often a berserker and sometimes Dalinsia :slight_smile:

  • And although a bit further away from E9 and also a bit more risky to the freeze bug around vulcanic area(south west part of Siptah), the pirate camp “The Spit” in E6 which also is a good loot spot and a decent place to get T3 or named workers, carpenters, alchemists, cooks, armorers, taskmasters, dancer, not all preofessions are fixed, but taskmaster, carpenters and cooks can always be found there and at least T3 is very frequent, but again be careful the risk for the freeze bug seems to get higher the closer you get to the Forge of First Men :slight_smile:

Now you know why I recommend the area around western river, especially E9 because it is central to a lot of good stuff especially in early game, it is in my opinion by far the best area for a good start without having to deal with tons of gigantic bases like in south island around Grey ones :grin:

Forgot to add that by E9 there is so much coal that you won’t ever need to search for fuel.
Also please once in a while update this thread with how it goes for you, always love to read your stories/challenges :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If you get some good rng you can fill at least 3 greater wheels in one day at Siihio’s and the spit. Or you could before AOS. If they haven’t changed the spawn rates it should be possible.

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ofc female character.

why would anyone play male?


Server 7020 eu i help you

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In these challenges is all you need, but mostly generally luck.

I play male character onlythe first 2 months, never again. A really old habit from rpg games was to recreate characters when i was feeling that i did something wrong. Of course in this game there’s nothing that you can do so wrong that you have to start all over again, but still as i said, old habit. So i started a female character since i knew that soon i will restart. I gave her the name of my dog Bella. Since then it’s only Bella.
I cannot explain why, many reasons but none serious enough. We never got the first grace female characters had back, but still they look better from the male apes!

Thanks a million :blush:. But i play on PlayStation, our Siptah servers start from 8.

It started promising…
But before this, thanks a million for your wonderful advices :+1:t6:.
Yes in thiis session i started my old way, north west, Arnos camp, hardened steel spear, cimmerian axe and relic hunter armor pieces. It’s a decent and easy start. Then isle of violet for aloes, the river with crocks for lvl up a bit, the spider boss above for (useless) nemedian hat and in the undead city to retrieve my first legendary. Then to the Ashen core for a Brutus baby, back across the river to the leyshrine for a foal and head to south for a small cabin and lvl up.

The winds seemed to be in favor, my first legendary was the reavers axe i couldn’t ask for something better.
My Brutus was getting ready at the time i went north to get the foal and the eldarium tool knowledge so now it was time for my horse.

So i took Brutus wiith me and off we went for some flotsam gathering and lvl up a bit.
I wasn’t lucky with the flotsams i didn’t took a gravedigger. I wanted so much to go for Szeth truncheon it would be really handy. I wasn’t lucky either on Siphos camp to get a reinforced truncheon. I find the whale hammer and the shark bite. But i was lucky on the maw of hyena.
Maybe i didn’t find a gravedigger to get Szeth truncheon but i find this guy

So now the horse was ready too

Don’t get me wrong, but i really like this change. I like “difficult” but i believe this was a good change, i really enjoy it.

Everything was going excellent.
I passed the Grey pools for lvl up, Brutus was always on Stop mode these guys hurt a lot and i cannot babysit when i fight, yet it’s nice they lvl up even this way if they are close.
I exit the Grey pools and went right to see if the stygian camp had something good. This is exactly the point where i will face my first crash.
A domino of crashing continued and i barely managed to get Brutus alive from there.
I left my loot back. I couldn’t enter in the camp, i was crashing and getting a notification that i had to delete game from my library and download again :confused:.
I said it’s ok, so far it went good, since Brutus is ok and my horse was returning home, yes i had over 30 minutes effort to go back and crash again, all i have to do is heads up and lets go grab new things, no big deal.
So i went with Brutus and a reinforced stool to the Lemurian camp to grab some armor and why not the Lemurian spear too. Well… I got a mask :rofl:, but i got the Lemurian spear too, so i was good. I head after to the fiend vault to get some hardened steel weapons so i can fight skeletons on the way easier. Brutus again had to be on stop mode, though he reached over 3k hp on lvl 10 he was getting plenty damage. In the middle of the vault he had no food and i had to retreat.
So i exit and started killing easier foes to give him food and keep him alive. Outside the “judge” area (i cannot remember easily Siptah areas names) the crashing started again :confused:. This time Brutus was not lucky

I stopped for a minute thinking how beautiful would it be to allow us burry our dead followers.
But no it’s Conan, so heads up to take sorcery, visit the camp @sestus2009 said, Belly dance and return home defeated.
I just managed Belly dance only. Outside the sorcery cave the game crashed and never returned this time. So i had to delete and download again.
I don’t ever remember the game all these years in this shape, never!
But so be it, tomorrow another day begins. Heads up we have a challenge. Wish me luck for tomorrow :metal:


This one has had extremely good luck with a small nameless Accursed camp just south west of the Proving Grounds on the Isle of Dawn.
It has a thrall cage, sorc and this one has gotten at least 5 Llor the Accurseds there. It’s also not far from Baywatch Camp which frequently has a named taskmaster or cook or alchemist.


We all know why, @stelagel . :rofl:

Good luck for the challenge!


So sorry to hear about you losing progress and having to redownload the game and losing your doggie, that sucks :pensive:
However be careful on the south part of Siptah, it has serious problems since last update, sudden game freezing and in worst case a full crash, it is worst the closer you get to Forge of first men, but the whole south part can cause freezes and crashes, I thought I was safe just slightly north west of grey ones city, but suddenly I went into a freeze and crash loop and lost everything but horse, it managed to get home.
Really hope Funcom soon will find a solution to this horrible problem because it is super annoying and always seems to happen at the worst possible time :cold_face:

So far I have been succesful in avoiding the freezes and crashes in the middle western part of main island(E9) where I set up my first base, so crossing fingers that it will continue :slight_smile:

I wish all the best luck, and hopefully less crashes, I do agree though that the game is very much unstable after this update, but what can we do other than hope they can sort it out :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update on your challenge, looking forward to see how it goes :slight_smile:


Have picked up 2 level 4 task master female’s at the tent I mentioned Dedera death Bringer 2 days ago we are on 8090 pve-c not to built up not heading to far south because of what we have read.


And we’re back in business :grin:.
The game this time seem to download correctly, the server i choose IS laggy, a lot, but who cares nothing new :rofl:. A multiple hour session only one crash, ladies and gentlemen for me this is miraculous, so one crash in so many hours doesn’t even count.
Bella was north east on scavenger coast and one bird was trying to kill her while loading screen. Hopefully my Bella has thick hide and as soon i could react the bird became steaks and feathers. So i took the road of return, but first i passed from all the places i happened to crash yesterday. Hopefully zero crash today so all i had to do is gather up and bring some help for this laggy quest. It took me some time and multiple deaths, but my companion finally decided to help :wink:.

Now it was time to win some ground i lost yesterday from these multiple crashing experiences, i needed a proper set of armor, why not some good weapons and a couple heavy epic pieces for Frillen!
Why am i always exited when i see this weapon :man_facepalming:

I was lucky to gather a full set of silent legion medium, not bad, yet i had to go and grind some more master repairs to repair it. Better to loose durability than have none, isn’t it? I fixed a saddle for my horse and head with Frillen to the ruins of north. Other than that we both needed to lvl up and i would be able to check Ashen core too

Berserkers are really back in this update they literally crash everything in their way. Frillen with Nortis was doing it really easy. I felt even more lucky when i witness this

Now it was time for Frillen to shine!!!
Finally i managed to fully repair my armor and lvl up good

Until i return back home i would be definitely lvl 60 so after i check another time the Ashen core, i took the road for another taskmaster Master. One is good two is better :man_shrugging:.

So as i said in the beginning, we’re back in business!
Tomorrow the wild hunt begins, may rngesus be with me.


Sorry to hear that you had to start over, but on the bright side… You got me to be your support in battles :grin: just hope I can live up to your expectations :slight_smile:
Well with the luck you have had with Legendaries, I wouldn’t be surprised if you get at least 1 or 2 named crafters tomorrow, I wish you the best of luck with your hunt and look forward to hear how it went :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

PS. Yeah official servers are often a bit laggy, but as long enemies aren’t constantly teleporting around instead of moving then it is doable, nothing worse than being killed by a npc that has lost its animations and aren’t where you see them on screen :joy:


:notes: Go @stelagel :notes:
:notes: Go @stelagel :notes:
Nice saddle, by the way.

Good hunting my friend!


What a day!

Of course, i just make the wrong choice, or at least for official servers a plain Berserker can die easily from a simple mistake. There for i corrected this mistake, now Frillen is an Ulrich. Yes even Ulrich almost died, but almost doesn’t make him dead. His hp starts where the Berserkers end, i really trust this companion! The reason my first companion died was the lags you mention. 2 cimmerians literally teleport on me and one shot me. Another fighter was throwing orbs, my Berserker knock everyone down but my horse apparently blocked him. When i returned to the camp everyone was knocked down except the fighter lvl 1 that was throwing orbs. I collect my things fast and i slaughter him.
My horse lost 22k hp. This shouldn’t happen, normally if you die the fights stop until a player is close, but guess what, it didn’t :confused:. There for i went for an Ulrich now, i had to be sure that my companion will stay alive next time. Plus before every raid i was ordering my horse to stop following, it’s more trouble than help.
Official gaming !!!
Now let’s go to the good news.
I started south east, i wanted to collect some flotsams for the gravedigger and why not open the score.
So i open the score with a named sorcerer, i know it doesn’t count :laughing:, but i did it to rise the moral, i knew it’s a difficult task and putting something named in the wheel is cheering up.

I took the way back home and i grabbed another Master task master, 3 is better than 2

I opened the flotsams and finally got the gravedigger twice. So i head west now to search the south west camps and why not, with a little luck gain the bindings of the dead.
On the way i lost my first Frillen, so i went to get a new companion and i got lucky finding Ulrich. I placed him in one wheel and continue west. I stopped to another accursed camp and i stumble to my first original named crafter :wink:

It took my some time to clean this camp so i went back because by now Ulrich was ready. I gear him up named him Frillen and off to the pirate camps of Siphos.
Yes the bindings was there, that was a very lucky one, it cheer me up completely

I made some rounds to all the pirate camps and i managed to find a tanner

I got tired from all this searching and slaying and lagging and dieing, so i decided to go back and rest a bit. On the way back i said one more camp and…

Now we have 2 of them :rofl:.
I stopped to eat dinner and i thought to log in for another hour to give it a try for Szeth truncheon and a small outpost northeast to the exile camp.
Well… I got the truncheon too, cool!

I head north east fixed the outpost and return. On the way back i made the jackpot of the day

Of course when these things happen, no matter how tired-exhausted you feel, you say “one more round”. Well i wanted the top less lady but he is good too, other than that getting her it would be almost game over in a day :rofl:.

No reason to be greedy. It was a really long day today. It helped a lot that i had a day off and i played about 8 hours. Enough for today. Tomorrow i know i won’t have even half of what i got today, but that’s the game isn’t it? Difficult day yet with fruits. See you tomorrow :metal:.


The next Frillen should be called Ulrich :joy:


I already have another Ulrich and a Marcos home :wink:. It’s very difficult to get a Marcos in exile lands so whenever i play Siptah i get him the soonest possible.
Most of the times i name my thralls by my friends in this forum, but after they reach lvl 20. In this session i broke this tradition. When i capture thralls they go to the Thrall chest at once, i never place a thrall guarding at lvl 0. Every thrall i train it’s called Bellas apprentice. Whenever it reach lvl 20 it takes a name and sit home to eat shrimps and lobsters :wink:.

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Hmm… Wise system. :thinking:
(I usually don’t change the names of thralls so I don’t forget what to expect from whom, and use ‘senior’, ‘junior’, ‘father’, ‘son’, or numbers for identical thralls.)

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