Champion armor gone

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] seerver 3023, Name Schwindsucht
Problem: [Crash | BuToday I come into play, I’m naked. Champion armor gone. 3 sword away, 1 ax and the nemidian helmet goneg |
Region: [Here]
Hello Admins, I have been looking for a well-known blacksmith for over 6 weeks now.

Translate from German; Blacksmith Raden, Galen, the artisan, Teph, the fire sunken, Hagar steel bender, Hap-Zehet blacksmiths, Rakh iron tooth, Fortis, the blacksmith, Imis blemish blade, Hermann von Blök, Ulphur, the Hufner, Tull copper tongue, master smith Shanya, blacksmith Raden, Bernard, the artist, Gircan iron bender

(German Name; Schmied Raden, Galen, der Handwerker, Teph, die Feuerversunkene, Hagar Stahlbieger, Hap-Zehet Schmiedehüter, Rakh Eisenzahn, Fortis, der Schmied, Imis Makelklinge, Hermann von Blök, Ulphur, der Hufner, Tull Kupferzunge, Meisterschmiedin Shanya, Schmied Raden, Bernard, der Künstler, Gircan Eisenbieger)

At the Buckanier Bay over 100 runs. New assgart over 150 visits. Pagoda of infinite pleasure about 50 visits. the construction over 150 visits, the hill king and others are many times. I have a lot of named npc`s.

at the cleansing, there will be three smolders, cooks or others. But no one can make the legacy repair sets.

Many times every day there is CE.

Log out of the game, CE. All time after update!

we think you want to get rid of the playstation player

Sorry for my bad English

Server 3023, Schwindsucht name

[Free text]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @schwindsucht, thank you for getting in touch!

We’ll need additional details in order to understand the issue at hand, can you confirm that you’ve logged in to find your character naked? Were you in the same spot as when you logged out?

Did you have any messages in your Event Log?

yes, Log out in bed, in my house.Woke up in the house, next to my bed.No dig on the map

have no messages

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Tipp: steige nie aus deinem Spiel aus mit deinem Gear an oder irgendwas im Inventar… man kann zufällig sterben.

Noch was: bei einem Bug Report interessiert es keinen, wo du wieviel gefarmt hast. Das verwirrt nur noch…

Und er meinte den Event Log. Dort wird mit ziemlicher Sicherheit stehen, dass du gekillt wurdest = gestorben = Gear weg.

Einfach alles in eine Truhe vor dem Aussteigen.

Du kannst zb in der wüste an nem hitzschlag sterben wenn du dich ausloggst und zb normalerweise ein schild mit hitzeschutz benutzt . Das schild nimmst du aus der hand wenn du dich auslogst

Just to clarify, the messages in the Event Log that was referred in the previous post can be accessed through the in-game menu, similar to what you can see in this video:

If you could share a screenshot of its contents it could help us determine what could have occurred.

Mmm. Is the armor gone or you cant find a named blacksmith. The opening post is confusing.

I have read message several times believe it’s both plus weapons.

I have now read this event log:
2019.09.12 05.00.39 Server shut down
2019.09.12 05.04.20 Server started
2019.09.12 05.12.37 Schwindsucht (xxxx) dies because of temperature changes.
Why can you die off line?
Besides, I only had pants and boots on
It’s easy to see this for an admin too.
An admin can also see what I lost at all.
I hope for quick recovery of my loss.

Since I was bedded, write a comprehensive report about the game. Otherwise I would like to know why it is not possible.

And why is there no support in German?
Why is there no support in the PS4?

Nein Danke, keine weitere Tips erforderlich!

@schwindsucht unfortunately official servers do not have admin. Your body stays online in official server’s with the chance of being raided killed by purge or die of temperature exposure. Funcom will not be able to help you get your items back. Sorry I understand it,s hard on morale.

There are private servers that your body is offline when logged out also no loss on death. You may want to try one. Are you pvp pve or pvec?

Für was willst du den einen Support?
Keiner kann dir deine Sachen zurückgeben. Auch nicht auf Server mit Mods…
Und englisch sollte heutzutage nun mal jeder können.

PS.: Einfach nie mit Zeug ausloggen. Immer in die Kiste damit.

Even in PvE servers, death may still occur while offline due to NPCs or even temperature.

In any case, we apologize for the frustration and recommend that you check if your character is experiencing any temperature effects before logging out, as well as depositing all your inventory in a chest, which should help prevent any possible loss of items should something happen to your character while you’re offline.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer any assistance with the restoration of items, as there is no MMO-like admin support for the game in official servers.

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