Change the encumbrance indicator to go red when you have reached 90%

The indicator turns red once you reach 75% (I think), I would like it to change when you reach 90%.

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That would be a more feasible way to do it, maybe it could be as follows;
0-25% - Blue
26-50% - Green
51-75% - Yellow
76-89% - Orange
90-99% - Red
100% and upward - Blinking red (faster than current speed)

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Is this an old post? Cause my encumbrance meter does turn colors and add fill. From Green to off yell to red to blinking red.

Not at the rates I or the OP suggested, it does change colour, yes, but it turns red far too early in our opinion.

The last part of my post even points to the fact it already changes colour, with me saying the over weight limit blinking should be faster. I also think the red for nearing weight limit should be brighter, the red is too dark as it is now.

I think actual colors are related to penalties to movement and resistence spent for movement.

Even if I feel the same: in practice it would be good to have a new color when you reach 90% :+1:

Are you playing on console ?

How about deep blue? As in to reflect a reaction like this:


Blue is often used in anime as a facial colour to signal some kind of a burden or an answer that feels like a burden.

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