Move the encumbrance warning to the buff/debuff section

After a recent patch the encumbrance message got moved further down, blocking stuff it didn’t block before and creating a refreshing new annoyance.

First of all, being over encumbered is a active state.

  • It shouldn’t use the popup/modal message at all. That’s for dying and transitional actions.
  • It should display a message like being thirsty or hungry since it also has a similar indicator below the health/stamina bars.

Secondly, buffs and debuffs have a whole section to the left.

  • This is where over encumbrance should be displayed.

Third, consistency is key in any good design, and the effects of encumbrance should follow the same patterns as the other debuffs.


Agreed :loud_sound:

Let’s go minimal on the warnings, the flashing icon for overweight is enough really. Flash any of the icons you want us to take seriously. Food, Water, whatever.

They just moved it to a slightly less annoying area. It still blocks things and feels very frustrating when I have to wait over and over for the dumb encumberance message to go away.

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