Encumbrance message location move suggestion

I am sure you are probably already aware and maybe have changes on the way but just in case I didn’t search hard enough I wanted to give some feedback on something I find really annoying.

If you have been encumbered for a long time it seems to build a backlog of encumbrance messages. These messages are in a place the blocks the view of crafting station inventory locations. I think it would be nice to have the location of this message moved and even shrunk. I don’t mind the message keeping me aware.

Also right now the backlog of the message for encumbered keeps going for quite a long time after you have reduced weight.

Image of over encumbered blocking slots plus still showing after weight reduced quite a ways below 100%. Can’t show the screenshot I took as your forums cripple new members which is rude.


Why not make it a status instead?
Just like cold/hot or even the buffs. Only if overencumbered though.
But with detailed information in stats tab showing how much movementspeed is decreased by your current carryweight.


Yep. It is in the way for most of the containers (like fishtraps) when you open them.

While the status icon already blinking I think you should get rid of that centered back and red background-ed message altogether.

The blinking “weight” icon, and the massive speed decrease is just enough for players to realize they are cucumbered.

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This interferes with gameplay and should be changed ASAP.
Also, not allowing us to post screenshots here is another problem.

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