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Keep it going till they see it


I saw that you didnt even try to mention one of them.
Like @Jens_Erik.
Any information about that?
To sum it up - that message is in the way.
That applies even more when going for 50 encumbrance build (or playing like that 24/7) and picking stuff up while overencumbered.

I think it would be fine for the overencumbered message being supressed if the overencumbered player picks even more up.


While they’re at it, remove the “press x for more options” box that pops up. Maybe after the player reaches lvl 10 shut it off. If needed, just have a very small x button appear over items and such. Also, set a 5 sec delay when showing contents of containers, or remove it altogether. If I want to know the contents, I’ll open the box.


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