"you are over encumbered" popup removal request (thing is driving me nuts)

Guys it is patchday tomorrow according to FunCom customs.

PLEASE PLEASE delete the line completely which makes that popup.

The blinking weight icon is just enough (maybe even that is an overkill)
That huge ■■■ red black and white popup of yours is in the way when looting, in the way of the “not enough materials” message.

I am using enc 50 overburdened 99.9999% of the time and I KNOW I AM ENCUMBERED. No need to obstruct the view with it.

please PLEASE before the next patch just delete that line.

I cannot even mod it out because I am playing on official server.


We have been asking for the encumbered message to be removed for ages. Nothing has been done after all this time so I kind of doubt they will pay attention to more people who hate it.

As a Long time Anarchy Online player I can tell you Funcom loves ugly UI elements and never ever change them. AO had a good looking round skill menu that got replaced by a ugly box and they never did anything to improve the looks.


The problem is less aestetics and more practical here.
That “piece of art” Blocking the view and comes waaaaaay tooo frequent than it should.
I wouldn’t mind seeing it like ONE time only like the very first time when overburdening the character.

Almost like a journey step popup :smiley:

when i open a container i can see the items for a while then the alert pops :slight_smile: waiting it to disappear to see the items :))) another thing with the elevator calling arm, while at 3rd person camera its hard to see the arm animation going down because you have a label on the arm writing its an “elavator” :smiley:

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i get why, but, i hate it too, it needs to at leasst be moves to the bottom of the screen so i can see wtf im doing from time to time

It was moved to the Bottom of the screen, but it’s in the way of your breathing bar now, just kill it already! I wish they looked before they leap! Needs to me minimal.

While I see the need for this notification when you do not have a 50 Encumbrance build I do support the idea of not showing it constantly if you do have 50Enc.

Showing it once, when going past the weight limit, is fine in my opinion but that should be it.

When interacting with inventories, be it your own, a station, a chest or a NPC should not invoke this message at all.

Basically a blinking weight symbol would be enough.

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Exactly and your food and water icons should blink when you are in trouble, not this panic attack where your whole screen changes color, I mean I’m in the middle of fighting a bear you know.

We know we are encumbered [subtle hints of walking slow, loosing stamina fast, cannot climb much, etc.]

Yes we do know, I agree. Thing is the only time I notice this popup is when in an inventory or re-specing my build.
I then wondered once why I was moving so slow but this was because my armor lost their perk points after an update.
It would have been more helpful to see this message pop-up because I did not have a 50Enc build anymore instead of showing it all the time so you start ignoring it.

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