Over encumbered message

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Performance ]
Region: [USA]

Not sure if this qualifies as a bug more so as an annoyance but can we please get rid of the message saying you are over encumbered. For the sake of the gods remove this annoying thing. We have the weight symbol in the corner that flashes red we don’t need it repeating the pop up message every 2 seconds. Makes having maxed out encumberance almost not worth it (I said almost).


I kinda agree, I was full of armor and weapons for my thralls a few days ago. While I was trying to distribute said armor and weapons that encumbrance message kept filling up my screen…

I wish they would move it or make it smaller, or allow us to toggle the warning off.

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Toggle would be nice.

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This game owes me about 5 hours of life in waiting for the message to disappear so I can put something in a chest/crafting table without pulling something out.

Once is enough. We’ve got the symbol and percentage to guide us already.

It does get annoying at times. I have almost got to the point where I don’t see it any more unless its over something lol

It would be great if they could match up the color change of the icon with the meter in your inventory screen. More often then not I am still in the yellow but the icon on the screen shows red. Not a huge deal but it would be easier to gauge where I am at on the meter if the icon matched. I have kind of gotten used to it. Or I just wait till im encumbered and drop some extra stuff regardless :slight_smile: