Cap over encumbered messages

I’ve had times when I’ve gathered thing or moved stuff around in my base while over encumbered, problem is, the message warning you of that appears every time you add or remove an item from your inventory while over encumbered, and the messages stack, single file, one after the other, to who know what number of times. given that you can move while over encumbered (and now even move freely with the 50 encumbrance perk) it’s likely that on occasion people will carry more than the normal max in some cases from time to time. having the first slot of any container I open being covered by the chain messages warning me, doesn’t seem needed.
Not a huge thing mind you but it’s an annoyance at times.

Some of us consider it a huge thing. I hope they either remove this or put a 10+ minute cooldown on it.

We don’t need a reminder every 1 second from the time we become over encumber until 20 minutes ‘after’ we’re no longer over encumbered. It’s extremely excessive.

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