Stop Spamming Encumbered Messages

For the love of Mitra, please devs, stop spamming messages that i am encumbered every time I pick something up when I’m over my limit. I paid for the perk points to get that full speed move, I don’t need you telling me I am over the limit, when I obviously know I am. based on how the game responds (red symbol indicating over encumbered, stamina drops like a stone when running). I can gather my stuff, return to base, empty, and am still getting messages about being over the limit. If someone has that perk, turn that crap off.


This request has been made sooooo many time since the beta, I hope one time before retiring, they will do something to this.

Your not Encumbered your “OVER ENCUMBERED”

It’s not even good English.

Encumber :

  1. To cause to have difficulty in moving or in accomplishing something; burden: a hiker encumbered with a heavy pack; a student encumbered with responsibilities.
  2. To hinder or impede the action or performance of: restrictions that encumber police work.
  3. To burden with legal or financial obligations: an estate that is encumbered with debts.

To say your OVER Encumbered is re-iteration and just plain bad English.

On top of that it only needs to be said once and no more.

It should just be done away with entirely. It’s pointless and obnoxious.

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