You are over encumbered


You are over encumbered
You are over encumbered
You are over encumbered
You are over encumbered
You are over encumbered
You are over encumbered

Please, make it stop!!! Why must we get this message over and over and over. I get it. I’m over encumbered. Show it once until I’m not over encumbered again. It blocks my view. I can’t properly sort through containers with that message showing up over and over. Thanks.



At least move the message away from our inventory! Or make it smaller…


omfg yes what a pain in the ■■■ this stupid mgs is .


+1 can not stand this. Not sure why QC ever let this pass.


They were never over encumbered :smiley: lazy QC is just lazy QC :slight_smile:


Agree with you!!


I did a thread on this a while back and an admin posted to say it was on their list of things to look at.


Can confirm. It’s something we’ve made the devs aware of and made a task to look into. :slight_smile: Sorry for the inconvenience!


You also have on the to-do list fixing building dmg while building dmg is disabled on official servers?

Like raiding at 4am official server time (no 24/7 server), pvp normal.


That message is just needed once at max not at every inventory switch xD and higher on the screen


Just delete the bloody thing - why would anyone really need an annoying popup like that? 1 - you’ll get slow so you can figure it out 2 - have momentum, so you’re expecting it — SO whoever thought it was a good, passable idea to put that rubbish in should just DELETE it!

Thank you.


A notation is needed, a beginner would n’t know what the heck happens so dont delete it just fix the position and show it once not every time you switch an item


If a new player can’t figure that one out then he/she has got much bigger problems. The flashing weight icon between the food and temp should be enough for most normal people.

I do agree that your suggestion is more elegant but at the rate we are getting fixes and QOL changes I’d much rather prefer a delete than a rework, no matter how simple.


For us that sound as enough true, but trust me there are players with simpler issues they dont understand haha

So the notice is needed :slight_smile:


Ah, but if your concern is with “Those” players then I disagree with your solution.

  1. It will be too small for them to see.
  2. If it’s only displayed once, they will most likely miss it.

Meaning the way it is now IS the perfect solution.

Jokes aside, I still think ppl would figure it out… well, most people. :grinning:


In the meantime, waiting on a fix, or at least that they make it smaller, there is a nice mod called NoxUIchange doing the trick.

I use it on my SP and on my server. For me it’s an elegant solution right now. I know, some want or cant use mods right now, i’m sorry for them.


Move the damn text 2 cm up, for the love of god!!! We get that you are unable to design it to look like a it was made in 2018 and not in 2010, but can you just move it so we can see the freakin` inventory? :smiley: Please?


Nope, it really isn’t. Survivals have now been around for years and the icon is more than enough to tell that you are full. This isn’t an 8yo game and yet an 8yo could figure that out.


The problem, apart from it’s location in the worse possible position on the screen is the way these messages are queued. Display of the same message more than once in succession should be suppressed, all they have to do is keep a record of the last message displayed and if it’s the same one, don’t display it again. There’s no need for this constant spam, it just looks amateurish as well as being really annoying.

Almost as annoying is the HUGE splash message informing me I’ve found a new location. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to make it impossible to see the mob attacking you with a huge splash on the screen that you can’t dismiss?


Please don’t delete the message, you guys will probably end up deleting player inventories lol…